Tuesday, November 17, 2015

La Posa West LTVA, Quartzite, AZ

La Posa West LTVA Campsite, Quartzite, AZ
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, La Posa LTVA, Quartzite, AZ, 122.1 Miles, 3,585.9 Miles for the Trip

Almost all the drive today was on I 10. I filled an almost empty trailer propane tank as well as my 10 lb stove propane tank on the way out of the campground, and stopped at a Safeway to pick up some water, and a couple of frozen burritos. I jumped my camping average cost ($19.34 before the pass & $23.96 after, but a bunch of $0.00 nights after that should bring it back down) by purchasing a season pass to the Long Term Visitors Area - $180.00 for the season (7 months September 15 - April 15).

While I'm currently set up in the La Posa West LTVA, the pass is good for a bunch of BLM campgrounds in Arizona & California, and I do plan on spending some time in at least Senator wash at Imperial Dam.  All dry camping, but most of the LTVAs have Dumpsters, many have dump stations, and a few have water & restrooms. There are no "sites", just open reasonably flat areas in the desert to park your trailer.

I chose my site so that the afternoon sun would hit the driver's side of the trailer, keeping the refrigerator cooler. The solar panels will be getting light from the side, but since each of them slopes a different way, front or back sunlight probably wouldn't be any better. We will see if the two panels can keep up with my use. If not, I can dig out my portable panel which can be aimed directly at the sun.

The plan is to use the trailer just like I would in a serviced campground (obviously without my electric heater). I have a 12V power supply for my computer & most of my various battery chargers; I can use the inverter to make 120V AC for anything else. The biggest 12V load will be the furnace, and the biggest 120V will be making coffee in the morning. If the solar panels keep up, great. If not, I'll modify my usage. I may not be using the radio all that much - I do remember from my last stay at Quartzite that most of the FM stations are either country music or religious, neither of which I prefer. I do have a good Verizon & AT&T signal, so I should be able to use my unlimited data on my iPhone to listen to my favorite stations. Speaking (well typing) of Verizon, I like my new Jetpack, however I don't know if it is the Jetpack or the fact that it is new, but it hasn't updated my data usage since 11/10.  Makes it difficult to keep within my data allocation...

There are quite a few RVs here & in the other Quartzite LTVAs. There is a Casita in the general area I'm in, but that is the only fiberglass trailer I've seen so far.

While it is warmer than Goodyear (which started out at 37°F this morning) it is quite windy. No clouds, so the sun is nice & warm. After setting up the trailer, I sat out & read a bit, walked around the campground, and did little else.

Dinner will be a grilled chicken sandwich & a peach cup, with ice cream for desert.

Until Tomorrow -

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