Saturday, July 18, 2020

Two Posts in One Day!

I know I haven't been posting since arriving home in April, but I have been picking close to a gallon of blueberries every other day for the last two weeks.  There are still plenty on the bushes, so I did some experimenting with something other than blueberry pies.

This is a Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake.  Too many pots & pans to make on the road, but not all that difficult at home where cleaning up is easy.  It passes the taste test!

Until next time...

It Has Been Awhile!

Still not traveling, but spending time working on improving the trailer & hoping the Canadian border opens in time for the Niagara Wine Escape rally in September.  Actually, I'm hoping for a week earlier so I can cut across Canada to go to the Algonac rally in MI.

In any case, we finally had a somewhat clear night last night & I took a couple of photos of the Neowise comet.  A bit too long exposure when shooting with the 80 - 400 mm lens, even at 80mm but here they are:

That's about it for now.  Hope to have some travel photos in the future.