Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Some Trailer Modifications

The New Power Vent
A few more projects for improving the trailer.  The 10" bathroom vent was becoming brittle from Arizona sunlight, and needed to be recaulked a couple of times to stop leaks.  Rather than replacing it with the same thing, I purchased a kit to switch to the power vent Escape is currently installing in their trailers.  Here is a page describing the process.

I also changed the stock GoPower solar charge controller to a Blue Skies Sun Charger 30. The advantage of the Blue Skies controller is the voltages can be set to match my Interstate batteries.  The GoPower is non adjustable, and all but the float voltage was too low.  A photo of the new controller is on my Trailer Modifications page - 2016 Modifications.

Until Next Time -

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A New Tow Vehicle!

2016 Toyota Tacoma Off Road
Not a lot is happening with the trailer but it has a new tow vehicle.  While I loved the RAV4 (except for the small gas tank) it has 134,000 miles on it & while they have a reputation of going for far more than that, I worry about being stuck with a major repair or replacement while traveling (Although I probably should have replaced it in Arizona - the same configuration was $1800.00 less in Yuma).

In any case, I'm now the proud owner of a 2016 Tacoma short bed, off road.  Even without the bells & whistles "premium" packages, it is pretty amazing how far dashboards have come since the 2010 RAV4.  It is going to take a few weeks to adjust.  My favorite gimmick is the door unlocks when I get within 2' of it.  The "key" stays in my pocket - just push a button.  My iPhone bluetooth to the Tacoma, loading all my contacts, etc.  It even "rings" over the vehicle sound system with my iPhone ring tones. I'm sure that any of you that have a new vehicle are not all that impressed, but I am!

As to the trailer, I have replaced the Go Power solar controller with a Blue Skies SB 3000i.  It can be adjusted to meet the charging specifications for the Interstate 6V batteries, while the Go Power is pretty much factory set to lower voltages.

I also washed & waxed it, added a stiffer mattress, and did a major cleaning - lots of desert dust in all the cracks & crevices.

The plans for a trip to New England are firming up - I'll probably be heading out around July 20th with the trailer, haul it back to Oswego, then go for a visit on Nantucket with my brother in August.

Until Next time -

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring Report

Canada Geese & Goslings
Unfortunately, I'm not on a trip, but took a couple of photos of some Canada Geese families at the swamp near my house.

It has been a cool & wet April here in Oswego; I'm still trying to recover from the 70°F days in the South.  I have settled into a full sized house & started up some of my "home" routines - delivering Meals on Wheels, swimming laps at the college pool, and, of course, fish sandwiches at Rudy's, our local on-the-lake fish stand.

I took the riding mower to be serviced - at the end of the season it started blowing smoke.  Since the grass didn't stop growing while the mower was gone, I forced up my old Craftsman walk behind mower to knock down the first Spring growth.  Hard to believe, but for a mower that has not been run in 10 years it only took three pulls to get it running!  Even though it has powered wheels, pushing it around the yard sure makes me appreciate the riding mower...  

Until next time -