Thursday, June 22, 2023

Visiting Dave - Back Home

 I didn't leave a shower report yesterday, maybe because it was so bad.  Plenty of hooks, a bench, and separate drying area with dry deck on the floor - that was the good.  The bad?  high pressure, low volume shower head, 15 second push button, and the big problem - no better than slightly warmer than cold water.  I tried 5 cycles of the push button, it got warmer than cold, but never got warm enough to shower.   By then my arm was wet so I hopped in and rinsed, but no soap or shampoo. Hot water is one of my prime requirements - I give it a D+.

I hit the road around 10:00, and although I used the choice-of-routes function on the Garmin, and chose back roads and it showed a overall map that used them, when I headed out it tried to take me back the same way I came, ie I 81 & I 88.  When I reached Oneonta, I realized the problem, set the exclusions to no highways and it gave me a route close to what I planned it the first place.  197 miles & 13.7MPG compared to the trip down that was 209.4 miles and 12.2MPG.  It did take 1/2 an hour longer, but a much more pleasant drive.

I reached home around 3:15.  Not much changed other than my first rose of the season popped out & I ate my first cherry off the sweet cherry tree.

The First Climbing Rose

Home Again

I didn't completely empty the trailer since we are heading to Bolarama in 2 weeks.  That will make using my packing list a bit more difficult, but easier on the back since most to the stuff going into the house goes up a flight of stairs.  At least my watch is happy - 5 flights of stairs!

Until next time - 


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Visiting Dave, Day 2

 A slow morning, but by 9:45 I was off to visit with Dave.  When he said he was at the end of a dirt road, he meant it!  A steep one lane path for the last 1/4 mile.  He is planning to tear down the existing house and have a factory built brought in.  Should be an interesting haul for much of the drive from NY 30.  He is living in a 17' Coleman trailer until the house is ready.


We checked out his garden on the side of a mountain near his friend's house, visited with them, then headed beck to Dave's for lunch.  We sat around and talked for the afternoon, then I headed back to the campground.  Filled up the truck in a small town on the way back for less than I paid in Oswego ($3.74).

I sat outside for a bit, then fired up the AC, cooked dinner, then sat outside a bit more.  The AC was to bring down the inside temperature from 86°F to the mid 70's.  By the way, it cools off here much like lakeside in Oswego or the desert in Quartzsite - it was 52° this morning, and 54°F inside the trailer.  Under the blanket I never noticed the cold.

Dinner was a Imposible Burger, fruit salad & a couple of chips.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Visiting David

 While waiting for the top coat to go down on our road I decided to pay a visit to my brother.  The road desperately needed repaving; lots of pot holes, broken edges, etc.  They ran a scraper down both sides of the road to provide a couple of feet of space, which destroyed many lawns and one driveway drain.   No problems at my house other than putting a 4" drop to the road.  Maybe the new surface will even it up.  Both Kyle & I have white cars as well as the white trailer - we will be scrubbing tar for days!

The Base Coat

It is a much shorter and cheaper drive to visit with my brother now that he has moved to the Catskills in NY.  Actually, I'm not at Dave's yet; arrived at the Nickerson Catskill Mountain Campground around 3:00 at 209.4 miles from Oswego.  The trip to Nantucket was a 400 mile drive & a 2 1/2 hour $525.00 ferry ride.

I booked site 622, a water & electric site for $63.00 per night for 2 nights.  At the office I asked if there was anything available closer to a shower & bathroom & she moved me to a full hookup site #594.  For some reason she couldn't get my card to add the price difference, so I'm still paying $63.00 instead of $75.00.  The site is very shady (at least the trailer) on grass & dirt with a fire ring & picnic table, not all that level (1 1/2" left to right & down 4.5" at the tongue.  Since I have to unhook to drive to Dave's tomorrow, the out of level isn't a problem. 

With a pair of MiMo antennas, Verizon is showing 107.5MBPS down & 10.7Mbps up.  AT&T shows 34.4Mbps down & 10Mbps up. 

There is a large pool that would be great for laps, but they divided the deep & shallow ends in the middle with a set of floats so no laps.

Site 594
After setting up the trailer I made a late lunch (turkey sandwich) then sat outside and read.  77°F inside & out - not quite hot enough to fire up the AC so the Max fan is creating a comfortable breeze & keeping the trailer cool.

Around 5:00 I broke down and fired up the AC.  The sun was hitting the side of the trailer & it was up to 82°F inside.  Now a cool 72°F inside & still 77°F in the shade.

Dinner was a microwaved InnovAsian Orange Chicken bowl.