Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Visiting Dave, Day 2

 A slow morning, but by 9:45 I was off to visit with Dave.  When he said he was at the end of a dirt road, he meant it!  A steep one lane path for the last 1/4 mile.  He is planning to tear down the existing house and have a factory built brought in.  Should be an interesting haul for much of the drive from NY 30.  He is living in a 17' Coleman trailer until the house is ready.


We checked out his garden on the side of a mountain near his friend's house, visited with them, then headed beck to Dave's for lunch.  We sat around and talked for the afternoon, then I headed back to the campground.  Filled up the truck in a small town on the way back for less than I paid in Oswego ($3.74).

I sat outside for a bit, then fired up the AC, cooked dinner, then sat outside a bit more.  The AC was to bring down the inside temperature from 86°F to the mid 70's.  By the way, it cools off here much like lakeside in Oswego or the desert in Quartzsite - it was 52° this morning, and 54°F inside the trailer.  Under the blanket I never noticed the cold.

Dinner was a Imposible Burger, fruit salad & a couple of chips.

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