Tuesday, November 17, 2020

First Snow

 Not much for anywhere, especially Oswego, but this morning we had our first snow.  It only fell for around half an hour and melted away within an hour, but it was the first of the season for me in 5 years.

First Snow
After putting the cover on the trailer we, of course, had a string of 70°F days. As I mentioned at the last post, the Camping World cover is too large for the trailer.  Enough that water pools on the top.  Going to be a problem with freezes/thaws resulting in a 50 pound block of ice.  I tried some foam under it - we will see if it helps.

As long as we had some nice weather I did a few modifications on the trailer.  I replaced the kitchen water faucet & added a couple of USB receptacles on the sides of the front upper cabinet over the bed.  I will use them to charge I'm iPhone when using it with the trailer's radio, and to power my weather station.

My Christmas cactus has decided it is Christmas.  Lots of flowers.  By the way, I took both photos with my Olympus "Tough" camera.  The reason for buying one is so I'd have a camera that I don't mind getting soaked, etc.  I'm not all that in love with the picture quality.  Both of these were shot in the RAW mode & adjusted in Lightroom, but definitely not up to the DSLR or maybe even the iPhone quality.

In any case, if I don't have anything to say before then, have a great Thanksgiving!