Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oswego Harborfest, Day 3 & Fireworks

Oswego Harborfest Fireworks

Unfortunately, while Friday was beautiful, Saturday was not. It started out OK, but as the day went on the clouds moved in, and by late afternoon, the rain. It rained off & on throughout the evening, with a fairly steady light rain during the fireworks. The view from my tarp, at least before the rain was beautiful:

Oswego harbor
If anyone wants a large version of the harbor image (and has a fast connection - it is a 16MB file), Click here. In the large image you can see the groups of fireworks mortars stationed along the breakwall. A few hours before the performance they tow a couple of barges from the East side of the harbor with many more preloaded mortars.

During the early afternoon before the rain, I wandered over to East Park & took some photos and listened to some of the jazz. On the way back the "Flying Platform" was going again with members of the jet ski team all taking turns flying. I got a couple of close up photos. It looks like they divert most of the output of the jet ski through a fire hose attached to the nozzles on the platform. The rider has some directional control by tilting the nozzles with his or her feet, but the height is controlled by the throttle of the attached jet ski driver. A rider has to stay on good terms with the jet ski driver or become a submarine! I also took a few photos of the group playing at the Veteran's Stage.

Jet Ski "Flying"

I sat out the first batch of rain reading in my car, then headed back to Breitbeck Park around 6:00 for a dinner of a Garafolo's sausage sandwich. Went back to my tarp on the hill, poured the water off the tarp & dug my chair out from under it. I was lucky enough to be able to eat my dinner before the second (and permanent) batch of rain arrived. After that is was trying to squeeze me & my tripod under a too small umbrella. We all sat huddled under umbrellas or what ever anyone could find. Once the fireworks started I had to dump the umbrella, and the results produced flare on many images from raindrops on my camera lens. Since the ground (and tarps) were wet, a number of people stood, which means I got great photos of the backs of their heads! Many more Fireworks and Harborfest photos at my Website.

Still, a huge crowd, as usual. After the fireworks it was a wet hike back to the Maritime Museum parking lot & my car, then a 45 minute 1/2 mile drive through the city to head home.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Oswego Harborfest, Day 2

Typhoon Tommy Jet Ski Show

Friday was another beautiful day at Oswego. Lots of things going on all over the city. I checked out more of the booths, saw the Fritz Polka Band, kids getting face painting, and the Typhoon Tommy Jet Ski Show. Lots of jumps, dives, and mid air flips. They also had something I've never seen before - a guy riding 20' in the air on jets of water. I wandered down to the Maritime Museum to watch the OMF Ontario return from a sail on the lake. The Ontario is a steel copy of a traditional 1850 Lake Schooner built by volunteers. She is 50' long with mast height of 70', and can carry 49 passengers & crew. There was another "tall" ship heading back to Canada.

After dinner I returned to the park, put down my tarp (a little early, but by dinner time they were all over the place and it saves coming back to the park at midnight). Everything was much more crowded, including the wine booths. Avalanche, a rocking section of the US Army Band was playing a set when I got back to the park. They were very good. After them, it was Foghat. I got a couple of photos of them posing with the members of the army band & getting ready to go on stage. A very large crowd was ready for the night's entertainment.

As the sun was setting I wandered down through the boat basin, and through the amusement area. Lots of screams from the rides. After that it was home to post tonight's page.  Lots more photos at today's Harborfest page.

Till Tomorrow -

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oswego Harborfest 2013

Disc-Connected K9’s – World Famous Frisbee Dogs

Thursday was the official opening of Harborfest. Since I've been traveling, I haven't been able to attend the event for the last 3 years.  While it has changed over it's 26 year history, it is still one of the biggest free festivals in the state.  More information about the festival here.

It wasn't all that crowded in the morning, but kids were building puppets in the dining tent at Breitbeck so I got a few photos of them. The "Disc-Connected K9’s – World Famous Frisbee Dogs" were rehearsing for their 4:15 show & I took far to many photos of them. The dogs look like they are having a great time! While there was only one tarp down reserving space for the fireworks (You are not allowed to put them down until Saturday morning) by evening there were a bunch of them. I hope I can squeeze in a space to shoot. They are usually some of the best fireworks I've seen.

After a break at home, I went back for dinner. The crowds have gathered, and the various booths are getting busy. I'm not sure exactly what was going on in the Geico booth, but I won a hat & got a photo of a Wrestler posing in his. The first Breitbeck stage act was the 42nd Infantry Band. They were excellent.

After a Gyro for diner, I headed down to the amusement rides & booths for some "action" photos.

I have more photos from the Wednesday set up and today's action at my Lakeshore Images Website.

I'll add new pages for each day of the festival.

Till tomorrow -

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Salmon River Falls

Salmon River Falls, NY
I guess I'm not quite out of the travel mode.  Today was one of the "high water release" days this summer for the Salmon River.  They increase the water flow by opening a dam a couple of times during the summer to provide more excitement for rafters & kayakers.  I was hoping more water would be flowing over the falls than usual, but it looks like all my other photos of the it. I've seen photos where the entire top of the falls is covered with water, but I guess it takes more water than they released.

I did take a few of the river below the falls - I find it more interesting than the falls itself.

Till next time!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Band Concert - Breitbeck Park

Day 37, July 17, Oswego, NY - 40.0 Miles, 3638.2 For the Trip

Well, here is the final page of the trip, a day late & a dollar short. Actually, 2 days late and, after traveling for over a month, probably more than a dollar short, but I couldn't find an idiom for 2 days late!

Anyhow, I made the short drive back to Oswego with no problems. My garden is overgrown, the rabbits ate the peas before I left & got the beans while I was away. The weeds slowed down most of the rest, but the tomatoes are doing well and a few of the peppers. Tons of blackberries & blueberries.

I went to the local band concert at Breitbeck Park. Not a bad place to watch the sunset & listen to some live band music. I didn't take my camera, so you will have to suffer a iPhone photo.

Other than that, it was unpacking the trailer, and moving into the house. It is still hot - it has been in the 90's°F for the last 4 days & is expected to do the same until Sunday. What is worse, it doesn't cool down at night. Usually, the near by Lake Ontario leads to 60°F nights during most of the summer - last night it only went down to 76°F. Since all I have is a small window AC in the house (smaller than the one for the trailer) I keep considering moving into the Escape!

Next weekend is Oswego's big summer celebration - Harborfest. I hope for good weather & getting a good location to photograph the fireworks. I haven't been in Oswego for the "Fest" for 3 years so it will be nice to attend. The week after that I'm off to SpieidieFest in Binghamton, and the week after that to Nantucket.

Until Next time -

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Southwick Beach State Park, NY

Native Grasses at the Beach

Day 36, July 16, Southwick Beach State Park, Henderson, NY - 138.1 Miles, 3598.2 For the Trip

Another short drive today. I could have made it home, but decided to give my son Kyle another day to get he house ready after being away for a month. I also wanted to see Southwick Beach State Park. The last (and only) time I was here was in 2006 when I worked with Sandy Bonanno, River Steward Coordinator for the New York Sea Grant Program, planting native grass to help hold the sand beach in place. Much of it had been torn out to make a beach for one of the camping areas and the park decided to replace it. The camping area is still there, but so is the grass we planted.

I did take a few unremarkable photos of the Eisenhower Lock along the St Lawrence River at the Robert Moses area before I left. It would have been nice to catch one of the ocean going ships in the lock, but all that was going through were a couple of pleasure boats. After seeing some of the ships that arrive at the port in Oswego, I'm sure they would have been impressive in the canal. The sign notes that some fit with less than a foot clearance, and they are big locks. They also solved another clearance problem - rather than build a bridge high enough for the boats to fit unde in order to get traffic across the lock to the campground & power plant, they built a tunnel under it.

As usual, more photos at today's Lakeshore Images page.

I'm in site 78 in section D, the only section of the campground that has electricity. While there is a nice cool breeze that comes off Lake Ontario every once in a while, it is still around 95°F by the trailer's outside thermometer, so I'm running the AC for the second day. Other than a walk to the beach to see if the grass we planted was still there, I didn't do anything other than sitting in my chair & reading.

Dinner will be the last of the cheese brots & something. Haven't decided what the something will be.

Until tomorrow -

Monday, July 15, 2013

Robert Moses State Park, NY

Site 235, Robert Moses State Park, NY

Day 35, July 15, Robert Moses State Park, Massena, NY - 166.7 Miles, 3460.1 For the Trip

I really need to give another plug for the Barrewood Campground. Very quiet, and very relaxing. Clean bathrooms with large showers, and enough hooks for everything! About the only difficulty was getting out of my site since I drove head in. I managed to back around trees & picnic tables, and was on the road by 8:00. Lots of Vermont secondary roads, some OK and others in pretty bad shape. I'm never going to complain about NY roads again! Most of the drive through VT was on VT 105, and VT 78, then US 2 & US 11 in NY. I took NY 37 along the St Lawrence River to Massena, and the Robert Moses State Park.

I'm is site 235, with Electric & shade. The shade is good because it is around 94°F and humid. I'm running the AC for the first time on the trip, on low, but it helps get the trailer down to 77°F. This is a nice state park, very well kept up, clean bathrooms, large sites, some with sun & others with shade. About 1/2 full, with over 250 sites. Only 3-4 with water, but all with electric (20-30-50 amps) and water close by. Some of the sites are on the river.

Nothing in the way of photos today other than the usual campsite image. Not sure what dinner will be - it depends on whether it cools off enough for me to want to cook. I do have a pot pie left that I could cook in the toaster oven outside the trailer, but right not that seems like something too hot to eat!

Until tomorrow -

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Screw Auger Falls, Grafton Notch State Park, VT

Upper Screw Auger Falls, Grafton Notch State Park, VT

Day 34, July 14, Barrewood Campground, Westfield, VT - 155.3 Miles, 3293.4 For the Trip

I got a late start today from sitting around listening to the Sunday morning puzzler on NPR. I love to listen, do it along with who ever wins for the week, but have never entered it. I left the campground around 9:30 (didn't have any trick or treaters last night) and headed towards NY. I decided I'm going to take US 11 to get across the top of NY, so I'm heading north. The GPS routed me along 118 & VT 5 rather than VT 26, the road I followed to get to Oxford. A pretty road, and at least parts were in better shape than 26. I got back on 26 at Bethel. I stopped for a few photographs of two sections of Screw Auger Falls at Grafton Notch State Park, and a huge hotel or whatever in the middle of nowhere along the way. I ran into a couple of detours but they were well marked, so no problems.

I stopped for the night at the Barrewood Campground in Westfield, VT. While my site doesn't have a number, it is one of the nicest of the trip. Not only shade, but a brook running next to the site. In one of the photos of the brook you can see the trailer. There is also a waterfall just behind the site. I hiked up to it and took a couple of photos. Would have been better if the logs weren't in the middle of the falls, but that's nature.  Other photos at today's Lakeshore Images page.

When I went into a store for milk, a steak & a piece of corn jumped into my basket (along with far too much other junk) so that's what is for dinner.

Until tomorrow -

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Halloween in July

Halloween in July, Two Lakes Campground

Day 33, July 13, Two Lakes Campground, Oxford, ME - 132.3 Miles, 3138.1 For the Trip

I left the campground around 9:00AM & headed south on US 1. The traffic was pretty bad in spots, and fine in others. The real traffic jam was in Waldoboro, where the Locavore Festival was taking place. People were parked in sections of US 1 that didn't have parking areas, taking up 1/2 the driving lane. Of course it was on my side of the road and the back up, as well as trying to avoid taking out someones door or mirrors was interesting. There was one more unexplained backup that, while 3 miles long, was on the other side of the road.

Not a lot to photograph on the way. I switched to ME 196 at Bath, and followed it to Lewiston, where there was a very nice waterfall, but no where to park. After that it was 121 & 11 to Oxford, where I stopped at the Two Lakes Campground.

At first, I suspected that I must have slept for 3 months last night, but it was still far too warm for October. It seems the entire campground was decorated for Halloween. When checking in at the office, I found that this is their "Halloween in July" weekend, and tonight is the big night. The kids will trick or treat, there is a magic show, and all kinds of stuff going on. The campground is also full. There were only 3 sites left when I arrived at 1:00. I'm in Site 99, which is one of the more difficult sites I've backed into. Lots of trees that you have to wind your way around on a long back up into the site. It is nice and level once you get there, and, for a campground full of kids, fairly quiet. More photos at today's Lakeshore Images page.

Dinner will be a Bubba Burger & salad. I do have to do some shopping - I'm out of milk and ice cream drumsticks!

Here's hoping the "spooks & goblins" don't get me in the night!

Until tomorrow -

Laundry Day

Machias Laundry

Day 32, July 12, Shady Oaks Campground - Orland, ME - 97.7 Miles, 3005.8 For the Trip

A much more pleasant drive today, mostly on US 1. I did forget to mention that I had my closest view of an eagle yesterday while driving. A couple of crows were chasing one & it flew across the front of the RAV4 about 20' away. Not something I could take a photograph of, but impressive!

I stopped in Machias to do laundry. While the campground I was heading for has a laundry, there are larger machines in towns, and they are usually less expensive. Except for the traffic on US 1, I would have enjoyed camping in my parking spot at the laundry. A little waterfall & pond just outside the trailer.

I had made a reservation at the Shady Oaks Campground since it was a Friday night during what is starting to be prime season. A very pretty, well kept up campground except for the electrical outlets. I'm in site 17A, and the 15 amp receptacle is so worn that getting a good connection is difficult. In fact, my Progressive surge protector kept shutting down the trailer because of low voltage. I checked the outlet & it was at 114V, however in the trailer with a 10 amp load it was down to 104V. Wiggling the plug got it back up, but it was so loose that a little movement caused the problem again. I finally used the Progressive's bypass switch.

Another day with little in the way of photographs. Dinner was the rest of the hot sausage with spaghetti & a salad.

Until tomorrow -

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cobscook Bay State Park, ME

Site 21, Cobscook Bay State Park, ME

Day 31, July 11, Cobscook Bay State Park - Dennysville, ME - 208.7 Miles, 2908.1 For the Trip

A long, boring drive on 2 & 1, both the equivalent of interstates. At least they were, for the most part, smooth! No problems crossing the border at Calais, if fact there was no one ahead of me & almost no questions about anything. I could have kept all my vegetables, however if I had, they probably would have done a trailer search.

I gained an hour coming across the border, but after 200+ miles I was ready to stop even though it was only 1:00. This time I found the State Park I was looking for on the way up. Lots of dry campsites, vault toilets, but hot showers. And, lots of mosquitoes. I don't plan to spend much time sitting around in the lawn chair reading - today will be an indoor day even though the outside temperature is pleasant.

Only the campsite photo for today. I'm in site 21. I do miss my traveling companions. The campsite has plenty of room for a tent, and it is pretty quiet! Only one advantage - I only had to make half a pot of coffee this morning. Don't know if this will get posted - I have a 78.3KB Verizon connection.

As to the future, I've decided to follow US 1 until it gets too busy for me. I plan to make a shorter drive tomorrow, around my 100 mile preferred distance & stop in Orland, ME.

Dinner tonight will be a couple of cheese brots, macaroni & cheese, and snap peas.

Until tomorrow -

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Camper's City, Moncton, NB

Bald Eagle

Day 30, July 10 - Camper's City, Moncton, NB - 159.5 Miles, 2699.4 For the Trip

While by the time we got done adding stuff to the "efoods direct" Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole it was OK, the package is a bit misleading. First, no chicken. In fact, it is described as 100% vegetarian. Second, not much rice. Third, it ends up a soup, not anything like a casserole. We added a grilled chicken breast, half a head of broccoli, and, at the last minute, a handful of snap peas. It was enough for the three of us (although without our additions, it was called 4 servings). The Fundy Bay wine was excellent - I'm glad I have a bottle to take home.

After dinner we went back for one more try at photographing the eagles. I took my 300mm lens and got some of the best images so far. The first one is of one of the eagles on the other side of the river taking a bath. The fly by was a bit closer. I'd still like to get an image I wouldn't have to enlarge, but you take what you can get. More photos at today's Lakeshore Images page.

This morning after striking the campsite (sorry, I'm using theatrical terms for taking things down), we headed out. Don and Anne have commitments back in NY, and are trying to make it back in 2 days - so a quick trip back. I took my time on 2, 302 & 242 to get off Nova Scotia, and stopped in Moncton for the night. I'm in site 32 at Camper's City. I didn't make many stops other than to see the 5 Islands Lighthouse. Tomorrow I'm heading for St John, and maybe on to Calais.

Dinner will be digging through the refrigerator to get rid of the stuff they won't let me take across the border.

Until tomorrow -

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Tidal Bore

Riding the Tidal Bore

Day 28, July 9 - Urbania, NS - 0 Miles, 2539.9 For the Trip

Last night we walked to the viewing platform for the Tidal Bore & while we were there at the wrong time for the "wall of water" we did see a pair of eagles. Fairly dark & a quick fly by so the images are not all that good, but it was great to watch.

We decided to stay another day here at the Wide Open Wilderness Family Campground so we could actually watch the Tidal Bore take place. There really is a wall of water coming up the river, although it is only about 1' to 11/2' high. First you hear it then you see it coming across the river. Very different to see the river running backwards. A group of Zodiacks was giving people rides in the waves created by the bore. We also had a couple more fly bys of the eagles, but still nothing to write home about.

After that it was back to the campsite to do pretty much nothing for the rest of the afternoon. Don & Anne are "zooming" back to the states in the morning - I plan to take my time but do plan to head off Nova Scotia in a day or two. I'm not sure how I'll get back to Oswego - I'd like to see more of the Maine coast, but it is getting towards the time where US 1 getts very crowded. I may cut across the state more the way I came. We'll see.

Today's photos at Lakeshore Images.

We are going to try one of the freeze dried meals I received samples of using an ad from Trailer Life. While it looked like they were individual meals, the packages are for 4 so it makes sense to try one while there are still 3 of us. Tonight is going to be "Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole" with an added chicken breast, some Broccoli, and a bottle of Fundy Tide white wine.

Until tomorrow -

Monday, July 8, 2013

Burntcoat Head, NS

Drying the Tent

Day 28, July 8 - Urbania, NS - 91.4 Miles, 2539.9 For the Trip

Although we got up early, we still didn't get out of Wolfville until after 10:00AM. That was OK, because that was when the wineries opened & we wanted to buy some more of the Fundy Tide from the Muir Murry Winery we had last night as well as Tidal Bay wine for tonight from the Grand Pre Winery, the other one in town. Both have been voted as the best this or that, hopefully by other than the owners. I did like the Fundy Tide and bought a bottle to bring home.

After leaving Wolfville & the wineries, as well as the campground with the longest name (and slowest WiFi) of the trip, we headed along the bay, first on 101, then on 215 heading towards Truro. We made a short stop at Chevene to photograph a Great Blue Heron, and at Burntcoat Head to see a lighthouse & watch the tide move through an area noted for the highest tides in the bay. We were there about 3 hours before high tide & you could watch if turn a piece of the land in the bay into an island. While at Hopewell Rocks you can see the change over a number of hours, here you can watch it make "rivers".

We stopped for the night (actually afternoon) at the Wide Open Wilderness Family Campground, another long named campground. They also get the vote for excellent showers and very clean restrooms (sorry, WASHROOMS!). While they claim to have WiFi, I can't pick it up at our site (106) with either the computer of the WiFi Ranger router. I did find a signal at the office, so I'll try walking down to it with the laptop after putting the pages together.

Although I didn't mention it, if you look closely at most of today's photos, you will see rain, or at least rain gear. We have set all kinds of records this trip. The wettest June in the Maritime provinces, over the last weekend broken official records every day for high temperatures, as well as hitting the highest temperature for the day for all of Canada. While it was nice that today cooled off, I'd rather not have the rain back. Since we didn't know when it would stop, Don & Anne set up their tent in the rain. As of 5:00PM, it has stopped raining, and the tent is upside down on the picnic table drying.

As usual, more photos at the Lakeshore Images page for today.

The plan for dinner tonight will be the last of the Bubba Burgers, a salad & homemade (at the campground store) pickled beets, and, of course, our experimental Tidal Bay wine.

It is after dinner, everything was wonderful, although all of us prefer the Fundy Tide wine to the Tidal Bay. Of course, you do have to consider that none of us consider ourselves anything close to a wine connoisseur so take our taste with a grain of salt!

Until tomorrow -

Sandy Cove, Digby & the Land of Evangeline Family Camping Resort, NS

Digby Harbor

Day 27, July 7 - Sandy Cove, Digby & the Land of Evangeline Family Camping Resort, NS - 134.8 Miles, 2449.5 For the Trip

This will probably be another late posted page - while the campground has WiFi, it is extremely slow, far to slow to post photos. I'll try to post at 5:00AM when I wake up.

Today was a travel day that turned into some fun stops. I wanted to photograph some of the scallop ships in the Sandy Cove harbor, but it looked like they were all out. Anne talked me into driving to the harbor & there were some nice photos ops. Next was a short drive to Digby. The first stop was at the Point Prim Lighthouse where I took a photo of Anne standing on a cliff. She can no longer complain about Don climbing to the edge of things!

When we reached Digby, we found that the Lobster Bash Weekend was in its last day. Quite a party with all kinds of activities. Of course I got a tee shirt, and had the best lobster roll I've ever eaten. Even better, it was only $5.00. I took a bunch of photos, including the 3rd place winner of a run across floating boxes. While there I saw the smallest keel sailboat I've ever seen so I took a photo of it.

More photos at today's Lakeshore Images page.

After that we got on 101 for a boring, but fast drive heading to Truro, our last planned stop. We didn't make it in one day, but didn't expect to. We are near Wolfville in site B2 at the Land of Evangeline Family Camping Resort. While not inexpensive at $47.00 for the trailer & tent, it has a great view of the bay and what looks to be a nice sunset. Dinner was Grilled Chicken, Rice & Broccoli. While going for ice cream at the building on the bay, I saw an old Mercury Pick Up Truck. Never knew they made them. I also took a couple of photos of the mud and an interesting sky.

We met a couple on their honeymoon from Barcelona that are traveling in Canada & hope to get to Yellowstone National Park.

Until tomorrow -

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Whale Cove & Balanced Rock, NS

A Shack on the Bay

Day 26, July 6 - Whale Cove Campground, NS - 96.7 Miles, 2313.7 For the Trip

It is a little confusing typing a page on the same day you corrected & posted the previous day's journal, but that what happens when you don't have an internet connection. I did discover after we left that Lunenburg has free WiFi all over the city, but by then it was too late.

Anyhow, today we drove to Digby, then on to the Digby Neck, a small narrow section of land and islands between the Bay of Fundy & St Marys Bay. We stopped for the night at the Whale Cove Campground & set up in site 9. Although the WiFi isn't strong enough to get to the campsite, it is available at the basement museum in the campground. The combined social room and museum in the basement is different from most campgrounds. Along with the usual printed information about the area, it has a collection of all kinds of hand made items, and all kinds of other "stuff". Well worth checking out. In fact, whle a little primative compared to "Resort" campgrounds, this place is a gem. Our site is on top of a hill with a great view in all directions. Only 20 amps, but cool enough that I didn't need AC. For those in tents or small trailers, highly recommended!

After that we took a ferry to Long Island, the first of two islands at the end of the neck. We parked & hiked out to Balanced Rock, an interesting rock on the edge of the bay. It was also an interesting walk. I was wearing my sandals, not planning a hike, then found it was about 1.5km out to the rock. Actually, the sandals were better than shoes - we hiked through a bog that required getting your feet wet in many paces. The mud washed out from between my toes, rather than walking in wet socks. I included some photos of Don & Anne balancing themselves on the way to Balanced Rock!

After that it was a ferry ride back & a long shot of a lighthouse on the tip of Long Island. The photo shows why you shouldn't try to shoot long distances on a hazy day...

As usual, more photos on today's Lakeshore Images Page.

We are now back at the campground. It is cooling off, although the refrigerator is a bit warm. The bouncing road misaligned the burner so the flame wasn't right, and eventually went out. I fixed it, but by then the freezer was up to 16°F. It is now cooling slowly in the 85°F outside temperature. Dinner will be grilled sausage, and a salad with a Drumstick Ice Cream Cone for dessert.

Until tomorrow -

Lunenburg & the Nova Scotia Guide Association Campground

Lunenburg Church

Day 25, July 5 - Hibernia, NS - 128 Miles, 2217.0 For the Trip


Another day & night without rain. We left the Wayside Campground around 10:00AM (without a campsite photo - the first one I missed on the trip) and headed out on the Lighthouse Trail. Not too bad a road, however I never saw a lighthouse.

We stopped in Lunenburg for some photos of buildings & the harbor. Lunenburg is as far as Carol & I got on the last trip in 1999. She broke two ribs leaning over the seat of the van to get something out of the back. It started hurting more & more as we went, and finally was bad enough that we headed home. There are some very pretty buildings in town. We also stopped to replenish supplies & pick out something for dinner. We settled on salmon, and haddock, a salad, and green beans for a vegetable

We switched from the Lighthouse Trail to 103 to gain some time, and onto 8 to make the trip to Digby through Kejimkujik National Park. Because of the heat, we decided to try for a campsite with hookups rather than the dry camping at the park's campground. It is in the 90°F and very humid. If it doesn't cool off this evening, we may all be huddled in the trailer with the AC running. We stopped at the Nova Scotia Guide Association Campground, about 24 km from the park. Mostly permanent trailers, but they found a site for us. Other than that is smells like the last trailer on the site was a horse trailer (which brought along horse flies) and a bit damp, it isn't all that bad. There is a lake to swim in (although none of us ventured forth) a playground, laundry and 4 minute per Loonie showers.

I was hoping to wish my daughter a happy birthday, but alas, no internet at the Nova Scotia Guide Association Campground. I tried at 5:00AM when I was loading yesterday's page at the Wayside Campground, but Skype showed her off line. Birthday cards don't seem to work going to Botswana - I sent one 2 weeks before a birthday package for Zoe, my granddaughter, and it arrived over a month after her birthday & the package!

Sorry the pages are so late getting updated. While we don't have WiFi at the site, there is a good signal at the office of the Whale Cove Campground where we are staying on the 6th.

More Later -

Friday, July 5, 2013

Peggy's Cove, Day 2

Peggy's Cove

Day 24, July 4 - Peggy's Cove, NS - 0 miles, 2089.0 For the Trip

Our first full day & night without rain! In fact, if we have anything to complain about it was the heat. It got up to 90°F today. We spent the morning washing the trailer & awning. The Wayside Campground is one of the few that allows RV washing. They have artesian wells & no problems with water. It took lots of scrubbing, particularly the awning, but it now looks just as good as when it left Oswego. After that we sat around reading and slapping flies until dinner.

After dinner we went back to Peggy's Cove to photograph some of the buildings and a few more of the lighthouse. More photos at today's Lakeshore Images Page.

It was 10:00PM by the time we got back to the campground, so we all headed for the tent or trailer. I am putting together the page for today, but won't try to post it until morning when the campground WiFi is faster. Has a real scare this morning - the WiFi died as I was making a post & the entire website (all 3.58GB) disappeared. All I got is 404 errors for any page & the site server had the entire directory holding the page missing. I emailed 1&1 about the problem and it was back up & running about 1/2 hour later.

Until Tomorrow -

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Peggy's Cove, NS

Peggy's Cove, NS

Day 23, July 3 - Peggy's Cove, NS - miles, 2011.1 For the Trip

While it rained a bit last night, for the first time in a week, Don & Anne got to set up their tent without getting rained on! In fact, we had quite a bit of sun today and even at 10:00PM it is still 68°F.

I took a photo of the RV parked next to us at Murphy's Campground. They are a couple from Germany that have been traveling around the US & Canada. They brought the RV with them. from Germany. I also walked down to Murphy's Marina & took a photo of a boat & the dock.

We drove through Halifax and on to Glen Margaret, where we stopped for two days at the Wayside Campground. After setting up the tent & trailer we drove to Bedford to purchase a replacement hose for one of my propane tanks. It has a small crack in it, and although it wasn't leaking, since it is a high pressure hose I replaced it. I also filled the empty propane tank, and stopped for some supplies at Walmart, a grocery store, and a package store for some wine.

When ever I take a trip I pick out a few stops that I definitely want to see. For this trip Hopewell Rocks was one of those, and Peggy's Cove the other. There are many other places I enjoyed, but these are two that were "must see". We stopped at the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove after dinner (steak, asparagus & rice) hoping for a good sunset. While some of the lighting was interesting, the sunset didn't do much, although, of course, it got better just after we left. It is a pretty lighthouse sitting on massive granite rocks. There are very few photos without people - I tried using a 10 stop filter and 30 second exposures to remove the moving people, but the problem is many of them didn't move, or just moved a little, making blurs. I included one image of all the photographers waiting for the right moment. I took a bunch of photos - the last one is my favorite.

More at today's Lakeshore Images Page.

While there is WiFi here at the campground, it is so slow that I won't be able to post today's (or tomorrow's) pages unless we find another WiFi location.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Murphy Cove, NS

The Trailer at the Port Bickerton Lighthouse

Day 22, July 2 - Murphy Campground & Marina, NS - 155.0 miles, 2011.1 For the Trip

Well, we are keeping Nova Scotia green. It rained off & on most of the night, although it did let up for the morning. It never got dry enough that the tent went away dry, but that didn't matter since Don & Anne got to set it up again tonight in the rain. As of 4:30, it seems to have stopped. We spent much of the day on 316, 211, including a ferry, and 7, stopping for the night at Murphy Cove & the Murphy Campground & Marina. Like everywhere, everything is wet, nut we are in the dryest of the available sites, #23. At least it has some high ground for the tent, although I was leaving a wake while backing into the site.

We stopped at the Port Bickerton Lighthouse for a tour & some photos, as well as the traditional campground picture. The view from the rear of the trailer is excellent, at least as long as the fog stays away.

As usual, more photos at today's Lakeshore Images page.

We are making stir fried chicken, corn on the cob & rice for dinner.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Seabreeze Campground, Canso, NS

Rook Island Lighthouse

Day 21, June 30 - Seabreeze Campground, Canso, NS - 159.8 miles, 1856.1 For the Trip

We are back on the road, although that is the RAV4 & trailer. Yesterday Don put 120 miles on the Sienna. Anyhow, we stopped for the night at the Seabreeze Campground at Canso, NS. The campground overlooks Fox Island, a location part of the history of the transatlantic telegraph. I'm glad I took the photo in the rain as we arrived - the fog is so thick we can't see it any more.

We also stopped earlier at a site of the supposed landing of Prince Henry in 1398, and at the Rook Island Lighthouse. We are in site 55, and managed to get here just in time for Don & Anne to set up their tent in the pouring rain. When we left the KOA there were blue skies - I believe the rain is following us!

Dinner tonight will be more pasta with sausage & spaghetti sauce.

Until Tomorrow -