Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Southwick Beach State Park, NY

Native Grasses at the Beach

Day 36, July 16, Southwick Beach State Park, Henderson, NY - 138.1 Miles, 3598.2 For the Trip

Another short drive today. I could have made it home, but decided to give my son Kyle another day to get he house ready after being away for a month. I also wanted to see Southwick Beach State Park. The last (and only) time I was here was in 2006 when I worked with Sandy Bonanno, River Steward Coordinator for the New York Sea Grant Program, planting native grass to help hold the sand beach in place. Much of it had been torn out to make a beach for one of the camping areas and the park decided to replace it. The camping area is still there, but so is the grass we planted.

I did take a few unremarkable photos of the Eisenhower Lock along the St Lawrence River at the Robert Moses area before I left. It would have been nice to catch one of the ocean going ships in the lock, but all that was going through were a couple of pleasure boats. After seeing some of the ships that arrive at the port in Oswego, I'm sure they would have been impressive in the canal. The sign notes that some fit with less than a foot clearance, and they are big locks. They also solved another clearance problem - rather than build a bridge high enough for the boats to fit unde in order to get traffic across the lock to the campground & power plant, they built a tunnel under it.

As usual, more photos at today's Lakeshore Images page.

I'm in site 78 in section D, the only section of the campground that has electricity. While there is a nice cool breeze that comes off Lake Ontario every once in a while, it is still around 95°F by the trailer's outside thermometer, so I'm running the AC for the second day. Other than a walk to the beach to see if the grass we planted was still there, I didn't do anything other than sitting in my chair & reading.

Dinner will be the last of the cheese brots & something. Haven't decided what the something will be.

Until tomorrow -

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