Friday, July 19, 2013


Band Concert - Breitbeck Park

Day 37, July 17, Oswego, NY - 40.0 Miles, 3638.2 For the Trip

Well, here is the final page of the trip, a day late & a dollar short. Actually, 2 days late and, after traveling for over a month, probably more than a dollar short, but I couldn't find an idiom for 2 days late!

Anyhow, I made the short drive back to Oswego with no problems. My garden is overgrown, the rabbits ate the peas before I left & got the beans while I was away. The weeds slowed down most of the rest, but the tomatoes are doing well and a few of the peppers. Tons of blackberries & blueberries.

I went to the local band concert at Breitbeck Park. Not a bad place to watch the sunset & listen to some live band music. I didn't take my camera, so you will have to suffer a iPhone photo.

Other than that, it was unpacking the trailer, and moving into the house. It is still hot - it has been in the 90's°F for the last 4 days & is expected to do the same until Sunday. What is worse, it doesn't cool down at night. Usually, the near by Lake Ontario leads to 60°F nights during most of the summer - last night it only went down to 76°F. Since all I have is a small window AC in the house (smaller than the one for the trailer) I keep considering moving into the Escape!

Next weekend is Oswego's big summer celebration - Harborfest. I hope for good weather & getting a good location to photograph the fireworks. I haven't been in Oswego for the "Fest" for 3 years so it will be nice to attend. The week after that I'm off to SpieidieFest in Binghamton, and the week after that to Nantucket.

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  1. Always good to arrive home safe and sound ..... Everyone seems to be having a heat wave !!!! Sure hope the Harborfest is FUN !!!! The berries sound wonderful right off the vine !!!! ENJOY the photos and your trip log each and every time ......thanks for sharing !!!!