Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cobscook Bay State Park, ME

Site 21, Cobscook Bay State Park, ME

Day 31, July 11, Cobscook Bay State Park - Dennysville, ME - 208.7 Miles, 2908.1 For the Trip

A long, boring drive on 2 & 1, both the equivalent of interstates. At least they were, for the most part, smooth! No problems crossing the border at Calais, if fact there was no one ahead of me & almost no questions about anything. I could have kept all my vegetables, however if I had, they probably would have done a trailer search.

I gained an hour coming across the border, but after 200+ miles I was ready to stop even though it was only 1:00. This time I found the State Park I was looking for on the way up. Lots of dry campsites, vault toilets, but hot showers. And, lots of mosquitoes. I don't plan to spend much time sitting around in the lawn chair reading - today will be an indoor day even though the outside temperature is pleasant.

Only the campsite photo for today. I'm in site 21. I do miss my traveling companions. The campsite has plenty of room for a tent, and it is pretty quiet! Only one advantage - I only had to make half a pot of coffee this morning. Don't know if this will get posted - I have a 78.3KB Verizon connection.

As to the future, I've decided to follow US 1 until it gets too busy for me. I plan to make a shorter drive tomorrow, around my 100 mile preferred distance & stop in Orland, ME.

Dinner tonight will be a couple of cheese brots, macaroni & cheese, and snap peas.

Until tomorrow -

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