Monday, July 8, 2013

Burntcoat Head, NS

Drying the Tent

Day 28, July 8 - Urbania, NS - 91.4 Miles, 2539.9 For the Trip

Although we got up early, we still didn't get out of Wolfville until after 10:00AM. That was OK, because that was when the wineries opened & we wanted to buy some more of the Fundy Tide from the Muir Murry Winery we had last night as well as Tidal Bay wine for tonight from the Grand Pre Winery, the other one in town. Both have been voted as the best this or that, hopefully by other than the owners. I did like the Fundy Tide and bought a bottle to bring home.

After leaving Wolfville & the wineries, as well as the campground with the longest name (and slowest WiFi) of the trip, we headed along the bay, first on 101, then on 215 heading towards Truro. We made a short stop at Chevene to photograph a Great Blue Heron, and at Burntcoat Head to see a lighthouse & watch the tide move through an area noted for the highest tides in the bay. We were there about 3 hours before high tide & you could watch if turn a piece of the land in the bay into an island. While at Hopewell Rocks you can see the change over a number of hours, here you can watch it make "rivers".

We stopped for the night (actually afternoon) at the Wide Open Wilderness Family Campground, another long named campground. They also get the vote for excellent showers and very clean restrooms (sorry, WASHROOMS!). While they claim to have WiFi, I can't pick it up at our site (106) with either the computer of the WiFi Ranger router. I did find a signal at the office, so I'll try walking down to it with the laptop after putting the pages together.

Although I didn't mention it, if you look closely at most of today's photos, you will see rain, or at least rain gear. We have set all kinds of records this trip. The wettest June in the Maritime provinces, over the last weekend broken official records every day for high temperatures, as well as hitting the highest temperature for the day for all of Canada. While it was nice that today cooled off, I'd rather not have the rain back. Since we didn't know when it would stop, Don & Anne set up their tent in the rain. As of 5:00PM, it has stopped raining, and the tent is upside down on the picnic table drying.

As usual, more photos at the Lakeshore Images page for today.

The plan for dinner tonight will be the last of the Bubba Burgers, a salad & homemade (at the campground store) pickled beets, and, of course, our experimental Tidal Bay wine.

It is after dinner, everything was wonderful, although all of us prefer the Fundy Tide wine to the Tidal Bay. Of course, you do have to consider that none of us consider ourselves anything close to a wine connoisseur so take our taste with a grain of salt!

Until tomorrow -

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