Sunday, May 16, 2021

2021 Spring Fling Trip, Page 6


The Loon

Sunday, May 16, 2021 - Chocorua Camping Village KOA, Tamworth, Day 5 - 0 miles, 394.5 Miles For the Trip

Well, I didn't do a good job of photographing those leaving - between breakfast, sitting around talking, and ducking a couple of brief rain bursts, I never got around to switching lenses. I had my 80 - 400mm lens on the camera after attempting to take photos of a couple of loons on the pond. By the time I managed to get to the truck and switch to the longer lens, they were pretty much out of range, but I do have one rather soft image:

My next scheduled rally is the Algonac State Park in early September, followed by the Wine Escape Rally in Niagara Falls, Ontario (if the border opens), although I will have a couple of trips during the summer.

While the rally has ended, Anne & Guido are staying until Wednesday, and I'm leaving on Tuesday, so we will still have a day or two here at Chocorua.

Dinner was Anne's Chicken & Artichokes.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Spring Fling Trip, Day 5

Saturday, May 15, 2021 - Chocorua Camping Village KOA, Tamworth, Day 4 - 0 miles, 394.5 Miles For the Trip 

 Many of us had the KOA breakfast (except Don - they lost his order). After that we walked up to the office to make reservations for next year. It took a couple of tries to get it right, but we are now reserved for 6 days in 2022. I also extended my stay here one day. I thought I had reserved including Monday, but discovered that I only reserved through Sunday. Since I have a Tuesday reservation at Wilmington Notch campground in NY, I decided to extend my stay here for a day. We are still trying to adjust the $ to what was expected... 

 It is a beautiful day with sunshine and temperatures in the low 70's. After showers we had lunch, then sat around for most of the afternoon. I did make another loop around the campground to try to get some photos of people rather than trailers with a little success. After that it was back to sitting around. I started the latest Lee Child The Sentinel borrowed from Don. It is interesting to get back to a real hard covered book. For years I said I'd never read an electronic book, then got a Kindle, and now about 90% of what I read is on it. I haven't held a hard covered book in a year. A bit more difficult to read in the wind & hold in bed than the Kindle, but I still like them.

Dinner was Anne's one pot Scrimp Scampi.

 Until Tomorrow -

Spring Fling Trip, Day 4


The Beans & Coleslaw

Friday, May 14, 2021 - Chocorua Camping Village KOA, Tamworth, Day 3 - 0 miles, 394.5 Miles For the Trip

Sorry this is late - I thought I posted it last night but it never happened.

The ceramic disk heater did a little better last night, but its greatest feature, the ability to change speed & wattage with the temperature, doesn't seem to be working. I was a bit warmer by morning with the setting I chose last night, but below the 65°F I planned on. Again, I cranked it up when I got up at 7:00, and by 8:00 it was fine.

I explored the other side of the pond during my morning walk. Lots of vacation cottages, one of which was doing tree work. They started around 7:30AM, and the chipper sounded like it was next door. Caused some early risers at the campground! I did check out the remains of the dam at the end of the pond. Many years ago the pond would have been called a lake & was 20' higher. An attempt was made to use the dam as an electric generating station, but a flood wiped it & the dam out with the lake becoming the pond it is today.

The black flies were not too bad this morning so I ate breakfast sitting at the site's glass table. The tree workers chased me inside while I was enjoying my coffee by starting up the chipper again.

I baked a blueberry pie. While we are not having a pot luck dinner, we are having spaghetti & meatballs with garlic bread supplied by Jerry (the rally host) & I'll bring the pie. While technically it is for Don, Anne & myself, anyone who wants a piece can dig in.

This afternoon Jerry did a cooking demo, making fried corn. A big improvement over straight out of the can.

After that I made another trip around the campground to try to photograph the newer arrivals. This seems to be the year of the Scamp 13. Usually there are one or two, but this year there are close to a dozen. 

While we didn't have a pot luck we also didn't have spaghetti. Jerry rightfully decided in the days of social distancing, standing in line for a spaghetti dinner wouldn't work. Instead, they made delicious baked beans, coleslaw, and garlic bread. An excellent meal followed by (at least for us) blueberry pie. Anne took the remainders home.

Many more photos at the Spring Fling page.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Spring Fling Trip, Day 3

Roy, Lia, Anne, Don & Me
Thursday, May 13, 2021 - Chocorua Camping Village KOA, Tamworth, Day 2 - 0 miles, 394.5 Miles For the Trip

I tried to set the Pelonis Disk Furnace for 62°F when I went to bed last night, but must have set it a bit lower - woke up to do my 7:00AM eye drops & the outside temperature was 39°F and the trailer was 55°F. I turned it up a bit, went back to sleep,  and by 8:00 it was up to 68°F.

Around 11:00 Roy & Lea stopped by. They are former students that are now living in the area. We chatted for a while, had lunch and some excellent chocolate cookies provided by Lea, and around 2:30 they headed out & Don started an on line class sitting outside the trailer in the Clam using the AT&T cell modem. It is a bit faster than the campground WiFi as well as the Verizon Jetpack.

I made a round of the campground photographing as many of the new arrivals as I could find. Today is the first "official" day of the rally.

Dinner is just going to be a snack if anything - we had a wine & cheese get together at the pavilion (with masks except while eating) and I'm stuffed.

Until Tomorrow - 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Spring Fling Trip, Day 2


Site 48

Site 46

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 - Chocorua Camping Village KOA, Tamworth, 183.8 miles, 394.5 Miles For the Trip

A quiet night. The fountain in the pond at Pine Hollow is lighted - looks great at night. A little after breakfast a pair of Canada Geese moved into the pond, greatly upsetting the ones already here with their goslings. Lots of honking & chasing!

We left a little after 10:00 for the drive to Chocorua. Light rain off & on with more expected tonight here at the campground, but the rest of the week looks good. I'm in site 46, a full hookup, pond side site complete with table, chairs & a Weber gas grill. At $43.20 it is only $.20 more than last night, and a much better price. Of course that is for 5 nights & a rally discount. The Guidos are in site 48 next door.

After setting up we had some old friends visit, talked about all the Covid related changes in the last year, then finished setting up. 

I set up the Clam for the first time (other that a test in my back yard). No problems. I put my aluminum table inside & will use if for the grill if it rains during dinner. Otherwise, it will be the campground provided grill.

I took a short walk around the campground, but will not be putting in my 2 miles, at least not today. My poor Apple Watch will be disappointed! They have made many changes to the pavilion, including a new kitchen & cooking area. The septic system is not finished for the kitchen, so it isn't quite usable, but will be very nice when finished. 

We cooked Bubba Burgers & Bush Hickory Beans on the campground grill, and Birdseye frozen Asparagus, corn & carrots in the microwave for dinner.

Until Tomorrow -