Friday, May 24, 2024

2024 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 11

Friday, May 24, 2024 -Home, Oswego, NY - 196.8 Miles, 891.9 Miles For The Trip

A quiet night - even the trains were not too loud (did I mention that there are trains that go by the campground? Some whistle blowing, but mostly reasonably quiet.)

I headed out around 10:00, with a quick stop at the dump station. I had lots of room in the black tank since I dumped when we left Schodack Island State Park, but I didn't want to leave even a partially filled tank for six weeks (our next trip). 

An uneventful drive on I 90 & I 481 to home. I unpacked what needed to be unpacked, but left quite a bit since there are more trips planned for the summer. I didn't unpack the truck but probably will get around to it. 


Dinner was a shrimp burger, onion rings, fries, and some hush puppies I didn't order, but somehow ended up in my package, all from Rudy's, our local fish stand.

Unless something comes up, the next trip will be to Bolarama in Ontario, Canada leaving July 10, then down to Takoma Park, MD & the Cherry Hill Park for a visit with my daughter's family. The Guidos will accompany me.

Until the next trip - 

Thursday, May 23, 2024

2024 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 10

Thursday, May 23, 2024 - Schodack Island State Park, NY, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 695.1 Miles For The Trip

Not as hot today as yesterday, although last night I ran the air conditioner until 10:00 when the outside temperature got within 2°F of the temperature in the trailer (76°F). While it hit 85°F this afternoon, it cooled down quickly after the sun went down - this evening I shut down the AC around 6:00.

A quiet day mostly spent reading. I did hit the showers - While there is one in the family bathroom, the main men's bathroom has 2, one handicapped. Both the shower & drying room are large, a low volume but decent spray shower head, a hanger in the shower for stuff, and a bench & two hooks in the drying area. No lip between the shower and drying area, but they are at right angles & little water gets on the drying area floor. A 30 second push button that takes a couple of runs before the water gets hot (they have a sign saying make 3 pushes before using the shower). While running the water temperature went from too cool to too hot, but most of the time was comfortably in between. Overall a B.

Back at the trailer we sat out watching the cottonwood fluff floating down over everything (including us) and read the rest of the day.

Dinner was Bubba Burgers for the Guidos & a Butterball turkey burger for me, a shrimp pasta salad, and sweet & sour red cabbage.

Until Tomorrow - 

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

2024 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 9

Wednesday, May 22, 2024 - Schodack Island State Park, NY - 161.5 Miles, 695.1 Miles For The Trip

Another warm night, and this one without the air conditioner. Open windows and the Maxx fan running all night made sleeping OK. Outside was down to 65°F by morning with the trailer at 67°F. We drove NH101, NH7, NH9 & VT9, and NY 7 to the park. Traffic wasn't too bad and much more enjoyable than driving I 90 which would saved us around 45 minutes.

We are here for 2 nights, the Guidos in 19 & me in 21. While they are next to each other, the brush completely blocks cutting between the sites without using the road. Sites are electric only on dirt with a picnic table, fire pit & lantern hanger. $31.25 per night including a $7.25 reservation fee.

Me in Site 21

The Guidos in Site 19

The bathrooms are across the road & have showers. I'll make a shower report tomorrow. The Guidos took off to buy some bottled water while I sat around the campsite and read. Hanging out & reading is about all we did for the afternoon & evening.   A very hot afternoon - my truck said 92°F and now at 8:45, it is still 81°F outside.

Dinner was Johnsonville Beddar Cheddar Cheese Brats, Bush Beans, a Salad, and Mandarin Oranges.

Until Tomorrow - 

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

2024 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 8

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - Uncle Alan, Nashua, NH - 79.1 Miles, 533.6 Miles For The Trip

A warm night. The electric heater set at 67°F never came on. We took our time getting out of the park since we only had around 80 miles to go to Uncle Alan's driveway. One long 45 minute delay on Rt 3. Completely stopped the entire time, but when the traffic started to move no sign of why it was stopped. As we got close to Nashua, both my & the Guido's Garmin refused to let us off Rt 3. Mine kept crashing due to the heat (91°F outside with the sun bearing down on the windshield). Eventually, between Anne, their Garmin & mine we reached the house a little before 3:00. 

We are set up in the driveway. The Guidos are plugged into the garage outlet while I'm running off batteries. The Maxx fan is running full blast & is keeping the trailer around 87°F.

Uncle Alan's Driveway

Around 4:00 the Guidos headed to pick up a meat lover's pizza & coke for Guido's 94 year old uncle. They will visit with him for dinner & a bit, then come back to the driveway.

Dinner for me was a Amy's Enchilada meal.

Until Tomorrow - 

Monday, May 20, 2024

2024 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 7

Monday, May 20, 2024 -Ellacoya State Park, Gilford, NH - 37.3 Miles, 454.5 Miles For The Trip

While it was a cool night, it warmed up nicely over the day. By the time we reached Ellacoya State park it was in the 70's, and is still 69°F at 8:00.

Guido dropped his van off at the Laconia Toyota, got an estimate on a couple of repair items, including a sensor that is probably the cause of the dash light problem, but they couldn't get the parts or do the repair for 3 days, too long for our limited time in the area. 

Back at the campground, we spent most of the day sitting around reading under the Scamp awning. The campground is on Lake Winnipesaukee. Anne liked the name of the lake so we are spending a night here.

We are in sites 1 & 2 (me in 2) back in full hookup sites on grass, although the sewer connections are so far back in the site that they are almost impossible to use. $66.50 including a $6.50 reservation fee.

The Guidos in Site 1

Me in Site 2

Dinner was chicken Alfredo & peaches.

Until Tomorrow - 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

2024 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 6

Sunday, May 19, 2024 - Chocorua Camping Village KOA, Chocorua, NH - 0 Miles, 417.2 Miles For The Trip

Another gloomy day, but only as couple of short bouts of light rain. I did get to the showers - small shower & drying area, but a bench, 2 hooks and a rack in the drying area as well as dry deck of the floor. A low volume good spray shower head in my shower with high pressure low volume heads in the other two showers. Just hot enough water. Overall, a C+.

I spent most of the day in the Guido's Clam reading & talking. During the afternoon Anne saw a red squirrel climb up on the front tire of their van. Guido opened the hood & the entire engine compartment was filled with leaves. They had some warning lights on the dash yesterday; maybe why? In any case, the leaves were dug and blown out. Hopefully, no visits overnight!

Lots of folks left today, but there are some like us that are leaving tomorrow.

Heading Out

Dinner was a Butterball turkey burger & beets.

Until Tomorrow - 

Saturday, May 18, 2024

2024 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 5

Saturday, May 18, 2024 - Chocorua Camping Village KOA, Chocorua, NH - 0 Miles, 417.2 Miles For The Trip

Sorry for the missed posts.  I usually write the daily journal to my web page & copy it to Blogger (here) but being out of practice, forgot for the last couple of days.

Woke up to light rain that continued off & on for much of the morning. Trailer tours went on anyway, and after breakfast at the KOA, Guido & I visited with a number of owners. Saw a Cortez 18' for the first time - well made with lots of nice features, but I'll stick with me Escape 21.

After the trailer tours the Sewer Hose Toss was held. Gave me an excuse to use the multi frame capability of the Nikon Z8 - up to 120 frames per second, although I only shot 6 frames a second.

After the Sewer Hose Toss (probably should be called a Sewer Hose Fling in keeping with the rally name) I headed into the trailer for lunch & a bit of reading. I was going to head to the showers, but will wait until it warms up (if it does). 59°F and light rain.

It never did warm up so I put the shower off until tomorrow. With the rain, we decided to eat in our own trailers, the Guidos having sandwiches & I had an El Monterey Chicken Enchilada Dinner.

Until Tomorrow - 

2024 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 4

Friday, May 17, 2024 - Chocorua Camping Village KOA, Chocorua, NH - 0 Miles, 417.2 Miles For The Trip

I forgot to mention an "interesting" thing that happened to me yesterday afternoon. I was inside the trailer heading out; pulled the handle on the door and it felt like it wasn't attached to anything - it wasn't. Seems the cast pawl that goes between the inside handle & the latch slide broke. The only way to get at the latch was by removing the inside portion of the lock; 4 Phillips head screws. Good thing I always have a Leatherman on my belt, otherwise you have to discover me in a couple of days by the smell! Actually, there is an emergency window exit, but I didn't want to pop that open. So, if I want to close the trailer door I need to have my Leatherman pliers to grab the latch lever to get out. Luckily, it is warm enough to use the screen door which works. I ordered a replacement lock set which I won't be able to get until I'm home. The outside handle opens the door as usual.

This morning there was a painting class by Sandy at the Rec room:

After that I tilted the rear solar panel so I could show one way to do that for a solar tour at 2:00 this afternoon.

I took a few photos walking around the campground. More at the 2024 Spring Fling page.

At 1:00 there was Cooking With Kim & Dennis, and at 2:00 tours of solar systems.

At 5:00 we enjoyed the pot luck dinner. Chicken cooked by Jeff, and the rest from everyone. Many more photos at the 2024 Spring Fling page.

Dinner was the pot luck.

Until Tomorrow - 

2024 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 3

 Thursday, May 16, 2024 - Chocorua Camping Village KOA, Chocorua, NH - 0 Miles, 417.2 Miles For The Trip

While rain was predicted overnight, I as far as I can tell it never happened. After my morning walk (you can do a mile on the various loops in the campground with out ever going down the same road), I ate breakfast & started on baking pies for tomorrow's pot luck. Since there are 50 trailers registered, I made 3 pies. Pie # 1 did as expected, but pie #2 decided to blow up as I took it out of the oven. No idea why - I didn't do anything different than usual. I've often had them leak around the edges, but this time the part of the crust slid off the pie. It will still be editable, but I'll put it out as the last pie. Pie #3 is what usually happens.

Pie #1

Pie #2

Pie #3

I use Pillsbury refrigerator pie crusts when traveling, and after trimming the crust there is always left over crust. I started decorating the pies years ago, usually a tree or bush, but when doing fiberglass rallies, I usually do one with trailers. I wish I had a stamp for them - cutting the shape of the different types & sizes of trailers is a bit difficult. The remaining 2 pies have trees.

I finished the pies (at least making them; one is still in the trailer oven) around 1:30, and started making a baby back rib for dinner. Hopefully the Weber grill the campground provides will allow indirect cooking. The last time I made ribs I used my Weber Q which only has one burner control & even on the lowest setting the ribs were so overcooked they were near inedible. 

I checked the internet speed in AT&T - .69Mbps down & 0Mbps up. The web speed check that the Fiberglass RV website provides doesn't seem to be what actually happens. I ran my Speakeasy speed check using Safari & it shows 48.21Mbps down & 11.17Mbps up which seems a bit faster than actual. While a bit slow downloading, uploading my photos is as fast as usual. In any case, if it gets too slow I'll switch to Verizon, which I remember from last year is faster than AT&T.

While the ribs were cooking I made the first pass around the campground for some site photos. Lots that I didn't cover, but here are a few early arrivals:

At 6:00 we had a cheese social - a get together for all:

Dinner was baby back ribs, corn on the cob, applesauce, & salt potatoes.

Until Tomorrow - 

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

2024 Trip to the Spring Fling, Day 2

 Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - Chocorua Camping Village KOA, Chocorua, NH - 197.2 Miles, 417.2 Miles For The Trip

Light rain overnight and for most of the drive to Chocorua. It mostly stopped when we arrived & set up. I'm in site 50 & the Guidos are in 48. Premium sites that have a glass table with 4 chairs, a gas grill, fire pit, and two zero gravity chairs, normally $90.00 per night, but $70.00 for the rally.

Me in Site 50

The Guidos in Site 48

After setting up, Roy & Lia stopped by for a visit, bringing some great homemade chocolate cookies, & to top it off, they brought pizza for dinner.

Until next time.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

2024 Trip to the Spring Fling

 Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - Broken Wheel Campground, Petersburg, NY, 220 Miles, 220 Miles For The Trip

I finished all my Spring projects, including replacing the Dometic 11,000 BTU air conditioner with a Houghton 9600 BTU AC. While the Dometic wasn't broken, is was so loud that I rarely used it. You couldn't talk in the trailer when it was running, even on low fan. The Houghton is much quieter, even on high. On low it is quieter than the fan in my electric heater.

By the way, if you followed my Spring Trip 2024 journal, you may have noted that I came back a couple of weeks early so I could photograph the eclipse as it passed over my house. Well, we had heavy clouds - I did take one photo before the clouds covered it all up - note the tiny notch in the lower right:

The Eclipse

My attempt at the solar storm (Northern Lights) photo wasn't much better. We did have a clear night during the minor storm the week before last & I got a photo looking out over Lake Ontario but it just looks like city lights on the other side of the lake. Still, it was the first time in the many years I have been in Oswego that we had clear enough weather for a Northern Lights photo.

The Northern Lights

Oswego was covered by heavy clouds during the major Northern Lights show last weekend, although some folks got some photos on Sunday night. I had given up by then.

After a couple of days of packing, and the last minute rush this morning to pack the stuff that I still used at home, I headed out around 10:00. I took the Thruway (I 90) and paid the tolls. I stopped for a bathroom break & lunch at a Thruway stop - Popeye's Chicken. I asked for a regular sandwich, but got spicy. A bit too spicy for me, but I ate it anyway. Gas was as high as $3.89 per gallon along the Thruway; I found a Sallems Food Mart along NY 7 that was $3.57.

I arrived at the Broken Wheel around 2:30, haven't found anyone to give my money to, but that is usually the case here this early in the season. Eventually, I found the owner & paid for the sites.

I set up in site 25, a water & electric site on grass with a picnic table for $40.00 per night. I checked the internet speed of AT&T; a long ping at 50ms, but 46.13Mbps down & .08Mbps up. I think something is wrong with the upload rate - my images for this page uploaded in a couple of seconds.

The Guidos are on their way, expecting to get here a little before 4:00 & will be in site 26.

Me in Site 25

The Guidos in Site 26

Dinner was a chicken, spinach & tomato meal provided by Anne.

Until next time.