Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oswego Harborfest 2013

Disc-Connected K9’s – World Famous Frisbee Dogs

Thursday was the official opening of Harborfest. Since I've been traveling, I haven't been able to attend the event for the last 3 years.  While it has changed over it's 26 year history, it is still one of the biggest free festivals in the state.  More information about the festival here.

It wasn't all that crowded in the morning, but kids were building puppets in the dining tent at Breitbeck so I got a few photos of them. The "Disc-Connected K9’s – World Famous Frisbee Dogs" were rehearsing for their 4:15 show & I took far to many photos of them. The dogs look like they are having a great time! While there was only one tarp down reserving space for the fireworks (You are not allowed to put them down until Saturday morning) by evening there were a bunch of them. I hope I can squeeze in a space to shoot. They are usually some of the best fireworks I've seen.

After a break at home, I went back for dinner. The crowds have gathered, and the various booths are getting busy. I'm not sure exactly what was going on in the Geico booth, but I won a hat & got a photo of a Wrestler posing in his. The first Breitbeck stage act was the 42nd Infantry Band. They were excellent.

After a Gyro for diner, I headed down to the amusement rides & booths for some "action" photos.

I have more photos from the Wednesday set up and today's action at my Lakeshore Images Website.

I'll add new pages for each day of the festival.

Till tomorrow -

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