Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring Report

Canada Geese & Goslings
Unfortunately, I'm not on a trip, but took a couple of photos of some Canada Geese families at the swamp near my house.

It has been a cool & wet April here in Oswego; I'm still trying to recover from the 70°F days in the South.  I have settled into a full sized house & started up some of my "home" routines - delivering Meals on Wheels, swimming laps at the college pool, and, of course, fish sandwiches at Rudy's, our local on-the-lake fish stand.

I took the riding mower to be serviced - at the end of the season it started blowing smoke.  Since the grass didn't stop growing while the mower was gone, I forced up my old Craftsman walk behind mower to knock down the first Spring growth.  Hard to believe, but for a mower that has not been run in 10 years it only took three pulls to get it running!  Even though it has powered wheels, pushing it around the yard sure makes me appreciate the riding mower...  

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  1. Beautiful photos. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.