Saturday, January 22, 2022

2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest, Day 94

 Saturday, January 22, 2022, La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 43

My idea of going to the dump station during the opening hours of the Big Tent Show wasn't too bad. Only 5 RVs ahead of me, but two of them were very slow, and, of course, one was each of the two dumps. Total time waiting in line - 45 minutes for the dump station and 15 minutes to get water. Back at the site I ended up almost lined up with the mat and spent 15 minutes getting everything set up. I'll wait to tilt the solar panels until I have no choice.

I walked over to the Big Tent - about 1 in 1000 are wearing masks, including those running booths. I didn't do the entire insides - too crowded, but did do a loop around the outside. I was hoping to find the Progressive booth. Although they are a sponsor and have their name all over the place, I couldn't find their booth. The usual path to cut across the wash from our area is covered with brush by someone who didn't want people cutting through, but a bit further west is an opening that appears to be the new cut through. 

While it started out sunny, it is cooling off during the afternoon with fairly heavy clouds. At 64°F I can't complain - back home in Oswego it is all the way up to 20°F from an overnight low of -4°F. Can't wait to see my National Grid bill this month!

I sat outside reading for a bit, but without the sun and the decreasing temperature, I gave up and headed into the trailer around 3:00. Glad I moved inside - around 3:20 it started to pour; the hardest rain we have had since I've been here. Only for a short time, but I bet it put a damper on the outside booths at the tent. 

We got a short break, even a burst of sunshine, but by 4:00 a steady, light rain was falling and it was down to 61°F. At least the ATVs coming back from the show are not raising clouds of dust. Still not enough water to have runoff in the washes.

The plan was to have a Beyond Burger & left over mac & cheese for dinner, however with the rain I'll save that for tomorrow & have a salad tonight.

Until Tomorrow -

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