Thursday, October 3, 2013

Copake, NY Fiberglass Trailer Rally, Day -1

Bash Bish Falls

Welcome to day -1 of the Copake, NY Fiberglass Trailer Rally. Day -1 since it doesn't start until tomorrow, but I had the time so I left Oswego a day early & here I am. I'm in site 100 at the Copake KOA. A large park with over 200 sites, a gate that needs a card ($20.00 deposit) but nice & quiet.

After setting up the trailer I headed out to Bash Bish Falls, located on the border between NY & MA. In fact, it has two parking lots & two trails, both on Route 344. The NY parking lot has a 1 mile, flat trail & the MA parking lot has a short, but steep trail. Of course I decided to try the MA trail. Yes, it is steep, but not as bad as many I've hiked along getting to & around waterfalls. After all, most of them are in gorges.

There is also a very short, steep hike to viewpoint at the MA parking lot that overlooks a valley. You can hear, but not see the stream that makes Bash Bish Falls.

Here are some photos of the viewpoint, the stream & the falls, as well as the ever present site photo.

Depending on what is happening for the afternoon & evening, I may add more.

Till then -

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  1. Great photo's of the Falls...I am always in awe...and envious of your water fall photo's...thanks for journey...Horst sends