Monday, October 21, 2013

Cedar Point National Forest Campground

On the Cedar Island Ferry

Monday, October 21, 2013, Cedar Point Campground, NC - 87.3 miles, 1331.1 For the Trip

I had a quick breakfast, stopped at the campground dump station, then headed to the ferry. I was there early for the 10:00 ferry, (of course) and showed the trailer to a bunch of people waiting for the boat. It was a longer trip than I remembered (although I'm remembering from 1996 so I have an excuse) but we arrived at Cedar Island a little after 12:00. I do remember the island as a quiet section of coast, at least compared to the outer banks. Still looks much the same as it did in '96.

I hadn't planed exactly where I would stop for the night since I wasn't sure how long the ferry ride would be, but after turning the propane back on so my refrigerator could cool off (They request you shut off the propane while on the ferry) I decided to try for the Cedar Point National Forest campground near Cedar Point, NC. I tried following the directions to the campground but while the directions state it is north of NC 24 on NC 58, if you are coming from the north, 24 splits into 58 north before the town, and north of the campground. I drove about 5 miles away from the campground before I decided something must be wrong. Eventual, I found it. A very nice campground that is $17.00 (including a $5.00 charge for an electric hookup.) The electric hookup was great since I got to recharge all my stuff that I put off because I was on solar (without much sun) for the last 3 days. They even have hot showers, although they use a push button that has the shortest run time of any shower I've ever used. At least it was hot enough!

I did manage to get a call through to my son to wish him a happy birthday.

Dinner was a Bubba burger, fruit salad & steamed green beans.

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