Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ocracoke Campground, Day 2

Ocracoke Lighthouse

Saturday, October 19, 2013, Ocracoke Campground, Ocracoke, NC - 0 miles, 1243.8 For the Trip

While a few more campers showed up before sunset, the campground is well under 1/4 filled. Fell asleep to the sounds of the Atlantic waves - just like home and Lake Ontario, but the waves are further apart.

It rained off & on over night, but so far today has been mixed sunshine & clouds, with no rain. Met a young woman from Old Dominion University's outdoor club. A group is here surfing & bike riding as part of an outing that included West Virginia & Babcock State Park. I must have just missed them in WV.

This afternoon I made a reservation for the Cedar Island ferry for the 10:00 boat on Monday. I also added a day to my site reservation. You can't beat $11.50 per night for a developed site, although I could do without the cold showers! I chickened out & showered in the trailer.  Sure could use another foot of elbow room in the wet bath.

I found a bunch of mushrooms at one of the sites & had to take some photos. Also met a "Crabby" neighbor. One of the less pleasant parts of nature here at the campground is a grass that sports "Sand Burrs". They stick to just about anything, and are very sharp, and strong. I stabbed my fingers a bunch of times until I switched to removing them from the rugs with my Leatherman. Nasty things! There are a few pretty wild flowers growing around the area.

I also stopped to photograph the Ocracoke Lighthouse on my trip into town to get the ferry reservation.

More photos on today's LakeshoreImages Page.

If the rain holds off, it will be the rest of the chicken thighs, along with some rice & coleslaw for dinner. I found my favorite packaged coleslaw - Dole with a sauce that you add after opening. It is difficult to find - strangely enough, it was in the small grocery/variety store in Ocracoke.

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  1. I am enjoying tagging along with your year long adventure......some great places thus far...BTW, you will enjoy Cedar Key....and their "Low Key Hideaway".....they are former fulltimers...they are on my Blog list...last ones....
    I know about the "sand Burrs" in south Texas they are common place...especially in ones yard.....ouch!...take care and keep those posts and photo's coming....Horst sends