Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Myrtle Beach State Park, SC

Fishing Pier, Myrtle Beach State Park, SC

Tuesday, October 22, 2013, Myrtle Beach State Park, Myrtle Beach, SC - 158.5 miles, 1489.6 For the Trip

Woke up with a stiff neck this morning that stayed with me all day. Anyhow, I got out of the campground around 9:00, and headed south, mostly on US 17. Stopped for today and tomorrow at Myrtle Beach State Park. It was recommended by a couple of people - not bad for a 400 site campground, although even though it is a state park, I'm back to the full priced campsites - $64.06 for the two nights.

After setting up in site 239 I took a walk to the fishing pier. From the pier you can see the development in the city of Myrtle Beach not too far north of the campground. Lots of people catching fish, however very few near keeping sizes. For anyone following my web pages, you know I love interesting trees. There were a couple of them along the walkway back from the pier. The rest of the photos are on today's LakeshoreImages Page.

After the walk I found a Casita on the way back to the trailer. Took a photo since there are not all that many of us "fiberglass eggs" in this part of the world. Haven't decided what dinner will be - we are having light rain off & on. If it keeps up I'll fry a couple of frozen veal cutlets. If it stops, I'll bake some frozen chicken in the toaster oven.

So, the rain got heavier, still not bad, but enough so I didn't want to cook outdoors. I fired up the toaster oven in the trailer & cooked a couple of Barber chicken, broccoli & cheese frozen meals. I don't like the pre cooked, microwave versions of their meals, but the ones that start with raw chicken you bake are OK for a fast and simple meal. I don't usually cook inside, but this is a meal that doesn't "grease" up or stink up the trailer so I'll do it when I can't cook outside. Combined with steamed snap peas, it was good!

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