Sunday, October 27, 2013

Faver-Dykes State Park, FL

Site 10, Faver-Dykes State Park, FL
Sunday, October 27, 2013, Faver-Dykes State Park, FL - 104.9 miles, 1951.7 For the Trip

A mostly relaxing drive south on US17, a bit on I95 (which wasn't relaxing!) and US 1 to Faver Dykes State Park. I got a bit nervous since the sign at the gate said the campground was full, but I've learned not to believe the signs. Far too many state & national campgrounds have full signs left over from when the it was full, so it is always worth checking. In this case, it is a1 1/2 mile drive down a sand road to check, but there were lots of 2-3 day sites available. I'm in site 10 for two days.

After setting up the trailer I called a friend and mentor John Mincher, the man responsible for getting me into technical theatre (and for the most part, the path of my life throughout my years at SUNY Oswego. John created a miracle at Oswego that produced some of the best theatre technicians & designers anywhere. It was great talking over old times. I headed back to the campground after dinner (thanks John!) since I don't enjoy driving at night, particularly down a 1 1/2 mile unfamiliar dirt road.

The only photograph for today is of the trailer in site 10, a pretty but sandy site not too far from the bathrooms. I hope I'll be able to post this - The MiFi is showing a RSSI of 50% & -101db 4G LTE signal.

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