Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wright Brothers Memorial

Wright Brothers Memorial

Thursday, October 17, 2013, Sands of Time Campground, Avon, NC 111.8 miles, 1211.4 For the Trip

The jets were not too bad although I suspect they were practicing touch & go landings from the sound. They stopped around midnight, and didn't start again until 8:00.

TOURIST ALERT! - After getting on the outer banks, I stopped at Kitty Hawk & the Wright Brother's Memorial. It opened today, thanks to the idiots in Washington, DC finally getting their act together (well, somewhat together). Enough said. I also stopped at the Bodie Island lighthouse and took a few photos while driving across Pea Island.

Bodie Island Lighthouse

I stopped for the night at the Sands of Time Campground, Site 34 in Avon, NC. The first "Cash Only" campground I've run into on this trip, in fact, one of very few over the years. More photos at today's Lakeshoreimages Page.

Tried to get a haircut, but the nearby hair place only does appointments, and didn't have anything until 9:30 tomorrow, so I'll wait until then. I did do a couple loads of laundry - good to get the laundry bag empty. Other than that it was sitting around and relaxing for the afternoon.

I did have to fight with the data connection.  The campground blocks uploads, and my MiFi is flaky.  Good 4G signal, but it constantly drops the connection, and will not reconnect until restarted.

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