Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Manatee Springs State Park, FL

Tuesday, October 29, 2013, Manatee Springs State Park, FL - 117.1 miles, 2068.8 For the Trip

Another relatively short drive to Manatee Springs State Park. I've been here before on a cross country trip in 1996. This time I'm 8 sites further around the Magnolia camping area in site 19. I do remember the sand - it tracks in everywhere. At least it is easier to clean up in the trailer than in the tent we were in in '96.

After setting up I walked to the spring & took a couple of photos. I love the color of the water at the spring. Was hoping for some Manatees, but it is still too warm for them to be heading for the spring. Speaking of warm, it only got down to 60°F last night, and hit the mid 80's during the day. I was listening to WRVO (my Oswego NPR station) over the internet this morning and it was in the mid 20's.

Since it was mid day, the lighting wasn't all that good for photographing the spring, so I decided to drive to Cedar Key to check the availability of a site for the next couple of days. I've tried to get to Cedar Key a number of times, starting in 1994, and something came up with each attempt. Even had a reservation for a week stay at a waterfront house with friends that I had to miss when my father passed away. The last attempt was killed by the threat of a hurricane in 2012. This time I made it. I had hoped to stay at the Low Key Hideaway, a campground run by some RVers who's blog & wonderful photographs I've followed for a number of years. Unfortunately, there are only 4 sites, and they are booked until at least Sunday. So, I headed just down the street & am booked for tomorrow night at the Sunset Isle Campground.

After driving back to Manatee Springs, I grabbed the camera and headed back to the spring under better lighting conditions. It is interesting that there are a collection of snakes hanging out on the branches of bushes along the edge of the spring. I apologize to those with spider of snake phobias, since I included photos of them in the last two posts, but I haven't had much choice in wildlife. I did get a photo of a squirrel & a cute sign asking you not to feed them. There are deer that roam the campground - maybe I'll see one tomorrow.

I did see a large flock (I assume you call them flocks, not murders like crows - where did that come from?) of Turkey Vultures. They are a beautiful bird in flight, but once on land (or in a tree top) not so pretty a subject. In any case, a couple of photos. I also managed to sneak up on an egret & get a couple of better photos than yesterday's. I would have had a great one of a Red Tailed Hawk, but someone coming down the boardwalk from the other direction scared it away as I was changing lenses. The rest of today's photos at LakeshoreImages.

Dinner was simple - I warmed up a tub of left over bean soup that I made yesterday. Actually, like most soups & stews, it was better today than yesterday. Ice cream for dessert. While there is little on no AT&T connectivity here in the park, depending where you are, at least here in the trailer I have a solid, but slow Verizon connection, so today's page is on its way!

Till Tomorrow -

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