Sunday, October 13, 2013

Babcock State Park, WV

Glade Creek Grist Mill, Babcock State Park, WV

Sunday, October 13, 2013 Babcock State Park, WV - 184.1 miles, 711.6 For the Trip

I left Morgantown Campground around 9:00, heading for Babcock State Park in WV. A mix of roads - some 2 lane such as much of US119, & some 4 including I79 ans US 19. Not a bad drive - the trees, particularly around the tops of the mountains are in full Fall colors. I pulled into the Babcock State Park Campground around 1:30, and set up the trailer in site 26. The plan is to stay for 2 days, then head south. I thought about staying a week so I could attend Bridge Day (They shut down part of US19 for the day & open the New River Gorge bridge to base jumping). Since about 80,000 people attend, it seems like a bit too much like Oswego's Harborfest (without the fireworks).

I did discover an interesting problem while setting up the trailer - sometimes, it the slope is just right, the Anderson Leveler (the new combined leveler & wheel chock) only works as a leveler. As I was cranking the trailer off the RAV4 hitch, the chock slipped & the trailer twisted off the blocks the foot was on. A bit embarrassing, but nothing broke!

After thinks were finished, I headed over to photograph the Grist Mill in the main part of the park. I don't believe I've been at the mill on a Sunday - it was very crowded; almost impossible to take a photograph without people in it. The leaf color was good, but very little water flowing in Glade Creek. Here are a few, along with the campsite photo:

After getting back from the Grist Mill, I set up my chair & planned to relax. Light rain had been falling off & on all afternoon (mostly off) so I put out the awning. Just as I finished, it started to pour. I hope it stops in time for dinner - the plan is for grilled chicken. If it is still raining, I'll warm up some soup in the trailer. Actually, while I'm typing this the rain has mostly stopped, so there is hope for the chicken!

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