Saturday, October 12, 2013

A New Trip

Ricketts Glen State Park

Thursday, October 10, 2013 Ricketts Glen State Park, PA - 227.3 miles, 227.3 For the Trip

Well, I'm off on another trip around the country (and Canada). This time it starts with a bit of a "Gulp" - I'm heading south for the winter. Yes, a snowbird! While my previous travels have always been spring & summer, I decided it is time to pass on Oswego's infamous "Snow Belt" winter and try to stay above freezing for the entire year. Yes, I did say year. Don't know if I will be able to stand living in a 17' box (actually a 14' since the trailer size includes the tongue) but the plan is to head south, check out the west coast of Florida, then across the south, wintering in Arizona, and hopping up to the Utah parks as it gets warm enough. I already have reservations for the Spring NOG (Northern Oregon Gathering) at Champoeg, OR in April, and will be making reservations for the July Gathering in Oregon & the Escape Trailer Rally in Osoyoos, BC in June as soon as reservations open. After that I may try for part of August in Leadville, CO. In between, the plan is to visit as many interesting places as possible. While I may return earlier, I have to be back in Oswego by October 3.

So, that is the plan. Like all my plans, there will be many opportunities for change! I must have walked around the house 5-6 times hoping to see something I forgot, but as far as I know everything is packed. I left Oswego around 9:00, stopped by Seven O's RV Sales & Service for a replacement tank vent cover - my original seems to have blown off the trailer on the last trip. Another stop at AAA for maps & campbooks for most of the US and I hit the road. Starting out the RAV4 has 75,253 miles on the clock. Today I drove 227.3 miles, most on 4 lane roads. Started out on I 81, switched to US 17 in Binghamton, then US 220 & PA 487 to Ricketts Glen State Park. I'm in site 104 for tonight, and if thinks work out, tomorrow night as well.

While there was light rain off and on, I decided to try for some waterfall & cascade photos. I definitely got my 2 miles in - I started at the Rose parking lot & hiked down to "Where waters meet, about 1.3 miles. For some reason, the stairs & trails seem to be getting steeper every year. Can't be me! Even though I'm here a week earlier than any of my other fall visits, I still have not managed to catch more leaves on the trees than on the ground. Still, there was some nice color in what remained on the trees, and the sunless sky was perfect for shooting waterfalls. Oh well, I'll just have to keep trying. More Photos at today's LakeshoreImages Page.

Made it back to the trailer by 6:00, grilled a Bubba Burger for dinner (yes, I'm still keeping them around for quick, unplanned meals) and took a shower. I'd like to donate a shower curtain to the park. I can understand it taking awhile for the water to heat up since it is pretty cool out (51°F) and the campground is almost empty, but without a shower curtain the ice cold water sprays over you, your shoes, etc. Eventually it warmed up, in fact got hot. Then it was back to the trailer to process today's photos and put together the page. The rain has gotten serious - no wind, but it is pouring out. I hope it quits by morning since I want to hike the other side of the waterfalls tomorrow.

I'm afraid none of you will see this for a couple of days - while there is a very weak Verizon signal here at the campground, I don't think it is strong enough for posting.

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