Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Modifications

4" X4" Additions
I just finished a few new modifications to the trailer.  They are at the bottom of my Trailer Modifications page. Other than that, not much going on.

I managed to catch my son's cold, so I'm taking it easy, hoping it will clear up before next weekend.

I did find something interesting when I checked the usage of my AT&T iPhone.  I have unlimited data, and, although they didn't charge me for it, over the last month it seems I'm making a "roaming web" connection 4-5 times a day.  Usually small amounts of data, although sometimes as much as a MB. Interesting, since I'm at home, in an AT&T covered area, and some of the connections are well past the time I went to bed.  Checked with the AT&T office here in Oswego, they said they haven't seen the problem, and not to worry about it.  I guess I shouldn't, but because I'm starting on a year long trip in two weeks, and AT&T has sent me messages complaining about "too much data roaming" more than once, I wish they had an explanation of why the roaming is showing up.

As to travel, I'm heading for Copake, NY for a fiberglass rally next Thursday. After that it is back to Oswego for a bunch of doctor visits, and then heading south & west for the winter.

Till Next time -


  1. A year long adventure...I'm envious!! there a particular region your going to concentrate on, or is this a meandering around the country trip.....Looking forward to following your journey and those great journey...Horst sends

  2. Ya can't trust that ATT. I know. I worked for them once upon a time.:-) Seriously, looking forward to following along on your journey. Hopefully, our paths will cross again somewhere along the way. Wishing you fun and safe travels.

  3. The plan is to head south to Florida, then wander across the south, hitting Arizona for the peak of winter. I've got a couple of fiberglass trailer rallies I plan to attend in Oregon & Canada, but will spend most of the time wandering around the state & national parks of the west.