Sunday, November 5, 2023

2023 - 24 Trip to the Southwest, Day 21

 Sunday, November 5, 2023 - Lake Somerville State Park, Somerville, TX - 263.3 Miles, 2,029.7 Miles for the trip

Another warm night; the electric heater came on once around 6:00AM (or, it could have been 5:00AM depending on which clock you looked at since last night was the switch to standard time).

I didn't go for my morning walk, and after breakfast packed up the trailer and hit the road by 9:00 (real time). Once I hit Texas (just across the lake next to the campground) the speed limit jumped from 55MPH to 75MPH. Same narrow 2 lane road. Most of the trip was on good quality 2 lane roads with passing lanes every couple of miles. I even made it through College Station without problems. I have notes that I should avoid College Station; the last time I went through it took over an hour to get through the city, but I suspect that was a game weekend. In any case, it was 45MPH and a few stoplights. A bit longer drive than I'm used to, but I have a couple over 250 on the trip.

I arrived at the campground around 3:30. You do have to check in at the office for a window tag, but the individual daily charge must have been included in my reservation. 

I'm in site 37, a back in site on asphalt that was within 1" side to side & needed the tongue raised by 5". Water & electric for $25.00 per night (actually $20.00 per night , less a $5.00 senior discount plus $10 per person per night charge). I'm next to my favorite site (38) which is huge with paved sidewalk & table area. It may by non-reservable or is reserved for tomorrow - I tried for it when I made the reservations and it wasn't available. It is empty tonight.

Site 37

After setting up the trailer - pretty simple since I can't hook up the water without filling my fresh water tank, I made my usual Sunday phone calls. My brother Dave was sitting in a tree with his crossbow waiting for a deer, the Guidos are doing well, as well as my son. Karin called me before I could call her - all is well in Tacoma Park.

By the time I got done with the phone calls it was almost dark. I prefer daylight time for the longer daylight evenings, and if we could get rid of the switch twice a year I'd rather stay with Daylight Savings Time. I heard a quip on NPR that Standard Time is more conducive to the human light cycle, so if they ever decide on one time, I lose!

I cooked a Turkey Bubba Burger in the dark and had it along with some steamed snap peas. I'm annoyed with Walmart. For years they were the only supplier of bagged snap peas that were stringless. The last two times I picked up a bag from then they had strings. Not so bad when you eat them raw, but once steamed, they are not much fun to eat.

Until Tomorrow -

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