Tuesday, November 14, 2023

2023 - 24 Trip to the Southwest, Day 30

 Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - Dwayne's Mountain View RV Park, Bowie, AZ - 187 Miles, 2,943.1 Miles for the trip

Well, even with the new installation of the Garmin software, the routing for today's leg was "interesting". As I pulled out of the campground, Matilda, my Garmin announced that I 10 was closed and it was rerouting me. It went from 183 miles to 465 miles. I ignored it and headed south on I 25. As I got close to Las Cruces, it announced that I 25 was closed & wanted me to get of on US 70 & turn left (east). I did get off at the US 70 exit, but disobeyed Matilda and turned right (west) and the mileage immediately dropped from 445 to 174. While US 70 did go through town for a bit, it eventually merged with I 10, which I took until the Bowie exit. Real maps are useful! Over the drive I got 14.7MPG, so even towing, the 88 octane gas doesn't seem to be a problem. Of course I'm only towing 5000 pounds, well under the truck limit.

I arrived at Dwayne's Mountain View RV Park around 1:30, registered, and found a site. The first attempt was nice & level, but had a burned 30 amp receptacle. Since they said take any place you want, I moved to site 20. Within 1/2" side to side & I had to raise the tongue 2" (didn't need to unhook). With tax, $27.58 per night for two nights for full hookups - basically a parking lot with utilities, no picnic table, grill or fire pit (although for some reason, site 21 has a picnic table). I paid a $5.00 deposit for a bathroom key since I'll want to use the showers - electric only at Gilbert Ray for the 5 day stay at the next stop.

Site 20

Lots of train traffic directly behind the park.  So far, only one of the trains blew the horn.

After setting up I checked the internet speeds - AT&T was 7Mbps down & 3.6Mbps up, while Verizon was 24.8Mbps down & 15.8Mbps up. Since I haven't been using Verizon all that much this cycle, I stuck with them. 

They have a Taco truck next to the office so that may be dinner. Later - well, it won't be tacos for dinner. Seems the truck is only open for lunch 10:30 - 2:30, except for weekends, when they are open 11:00 - 5:15. So, tacos for lunch tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was an Amy's Chili Relleno Bowl.

Until Tomorrow -

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