Sunday, February 20, 2022

2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest, Day 123

 Mittry Lake BLM, February 20, 2022, Mittry Lake BLM, Yuma, AZ - 11.1 Miles, 4,233.3 Miles for the Trip

Mittry Lake Campsite

While a short drive, 6 miles of it was on a dirt road. While wide and no ruts, it was washboarded in sections. I kept down to 15MPH to keep from filling the back of the trailer & truck with dust. I hoped to get one of the spots on the lake, but being a weekend, they were all filled. There are a couple of large flat areas with lots of RVs parked in them that had space, but I drove past them hoping for one of the lakeside cutouts to be open. I finally settled for a corner lot near the southern end of the lake. A bit too close to the road, resulting in some dust, but it is on the water - not the lake, but the canal running out of it. I even have a small waterfall & some water fowl. For one night it is fine. The Google Earth view shows brush in the area I'm parked - it is gravel now. The three off road sites you can see in the overhead view already have RVs in them.

I did an AT&T cell speed check and the result was 65.9Mbps down & 4.4Mbps up. I didn't check Verizon since I have unlimited AT&T data. I took a walk along the road that "T's" off Mittry Lake road and found Betty's Kitchen, a Wildlife Refuge parking lot complete with a vault toilet. Well off the road, but no overnight parking. There is a sign at the start of the road that states no overnight parking beyond this point, but so far I've seen 2 RVs come out of the road. Maybe it connects to another area.

The rest of today's photos are at today's LakeshoreImages page.

Dinner was an evol Portabella & Goat Cheese Ravioli Bowl.

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