Tuesday, February 15, 2022

2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest, Day 118

 Tuesday, February 15, 2022, Anza-Borrego Desert SP, Borrego Springs, CA, Day 2 

Well, the wind didn't start at 10:00PM as predicted, in fact there were only a few gusts overnight that shook the trailer. It was dead calm this morning, but when I went to town for some cards & groceries, there were a few gusts that tried to knock me over. By the way, prices at the Borrego Springs grocery stores (there are at least 2 of them) are high. They do stock lots of interesting stuff, and at the Central Market, hidden behind a row of store fronts, the meat prices were about the same as Quartzsite.

I stopped at the entry station to see if my 5 year old Anza-Borrego shower token could be exchanged for a new one. The old one is the same size, but doesn't work in the showers. The ranger scratched his head looking at it, then gave me 2 current tokens in exchange for it. Not sure why, but it is an extra 4 minutes. Speaking of the showers, they get a D+ rating at best. First, the most expensive of the trip at $1.00 for 2 minutes. While they do have a temperature adjustment, it has to be all the way at hot to produce reasonable hot water. It has a non adjustable high pressure showerhead that is aimed at the drying area through a curtainless opening, ie your changing area floor is going to be soaked. No shelves in the shower other than a useless soap dish, but a bench in the drying area behind a wall so the spray doesn't soak it. 2 hooks on the entry door.

I checked out making reservations for the May 17th trip back from the Spring Fling, and decided to try a new DEC campground - Fish Creek Pond. A bit longer drive for the first day at 5 hours, but less on the second to Oswego. Went through the entire reservation process and at the end discovered that they require a minimum of 3 nights. Since it is just a one night stop on the way from New Hampshire, that doesn't work. There are only 2 DEC campgrounds open before May 20th, so the only other choice is Wilmington Notch where I stayed last year. Only 4 hours from the Chocorua KOA, and they will let me stay one night. So, I'm booked, in fact, in the same site as last time.  Most of the sites are described as 20' or 30', and I'm 46' with the truck connected.  I fit connected in site 30, so unless they changed it, I should fit.

It is now 2:00 and the wind has definitely kicked up. Lots of trailer shaking, and tents flapping. So far my neighbor's has stayed up, although it sure bends a lot! I thought about a hike to the Palm Canyon Grove to see the results of the fire they had in January 2020, but with the wind, I'll wait until tomorrow. The rest of today looks like sitting in the trailer is a good idea.

Dinner was a Barber Chicken with Broccoli & Cheese & the leftover Bush beans.

Until Tomorrow - 

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