Sunday, December 19, 2021

2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest, Day 69

 Sunday, December 19, 2021, La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 11

Back to cold nights - 32°F this morning. I slept in, waiting until 8:45 for the Sunday Puzzle on NPR. After a walk for coffee & breakfast, I tried to read some forums with mixed results - most were too slow to be enjoyable reading. I checked the propane tanks, and one was out. A short time between tanks, but I had not been all that good about checking, so the last time I may have been well into the second tank before noticing that the first was empty. Then again, I have been running the furnace more than usual, and baked a pot pie for over an hour in the oven. In any case, I resolve to keep a better eye on the tanks. 

The 76 station had a sign stating no propane sales today so I headed for my second choice - the Quartzsite Mobil. The price was about the same but they are further away, and usually take a long time to get from the desk to the propane tanks. Only a 5 minute wait today. I Stopped at one of the Dollar Stores for some muffin liners, glue, and a gallon of water. Forgot the deodorant. 

Running out of propane on a 30°F night would not be much fun. While I would be OK under the blankets, the lithium batteries do not like to take a charge below 32°F. They are under the rear seat of the trailer, and with the furnace going they stay above 45°F, however without it, they could well get below 32°F. There is a BMS (battery management system) built into each battery that won't let them charge below 32°F, but I hate to test it, and if it was a cloudy day, it might take quite awhile for the sun to warm up the batteries to charging temperatures.

I also made a round of the tool selling booths, hoping to find a Japanese pull saw to cut my 1" X 4". None of the booths had anything other than hack saws & tree limbing saws. Since I already had one of each of those, I used the hack saw to cut the board to fit. The glue is drying; I'll finish up the project tomorrow.

Back at the trailer I tried to Skype my granddaughter to wish her a happy yesterday birthday (Skype & the internet were not getting on well together yesterday) and while both of us managed to get a word in, it couldn't be called a conversation. On the other hand, I made straight phone calls to my brother & the Guidos without problems. I usually Facebook with Anne & Guido, but AT&T was having none of that.

After that I sat outside in the sun & finished Written In My Own Heart's Blood, then started Locked Doors by Andrew Z. Thomas. First time for the author.

I had a large lunch, so I only snacked for dinner.

Until Tomorrow - 

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