Tuesday, December 21, 2021

2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest, Day 62

 Tuesday, December 21, 2021, La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 13

A dreary day - no sun & heavy clouds. At least it is warmer, although without the sun it was a chilly walk for coffee. Only down to the mid 40's last night & 54°F at 11:00AM. My 620 watts of solar is only producing 125 watts, but it is still to the plus, slowly putting back last night's furnace use amp hours. Unless the sun breaks through, I doubt I'll be up to 100% by the end of the day.

Verizon is still up & working! I hope it is fixed for the season. 

While the $180.00 payment when ariving at the LTVA sounds like a lot, as of today (#13) the cost is down to $13.85 per night, with the exception of Big Bend National Park at $8.00 & a free night at Jeff Busby along the Natchez Trace, the least expensive camping of the trip. It only gets cheaper each night!

I went out looking for a micro SD card for the camera I'm thinking about installing at the front of the trailer. It has always bothered me a bit not to have a front window (although not enough for Escape's solution for a 21C) so I am going to put a camera that lets me see the output on my phone. While I'd like to permanently mount it, there really isn't a good place to do that plus getting hit by bugs at 65MPH probably isn't a good for it. Anyhow, the camera needs a micro SD card to record video, and unless I missed someplace not obvious, there isn't one to be had in Quartzsite. I'll put it off until the next trip to Parker.

At 2:00, the batteries are up to 92%, but with the additional gloom, the solar is only producing 37 watts, so the trailer is running at -5 watts. According to the Victron 712 battery monitor, I could keep that up for 10 days! Of course, running the furnace at night will consume more amp hours than the resting trailer.

I spent the rest of the day reading.

Dinner was a salad.

Until Tomorrow - 


  1. Hi Jon I'm thinking of adding a camera to the front of our trailer also. What one did you choose?

    1. I added a Zumimall camera. The resolution isn't all that hot & the night time image is only good a couple of feet in front of the camera, but it works.