Saturday, December 18, 2021

2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest, Day 59

 Saturday, December 18, 2021, La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 10

Adding Vertical Struts

Another busy day. After my morning walk I headed to Maria's Taco stand for biscuits & gravy. Unfortunately, not up to the standards of her breakfast burritos. Her coffee was as bland as usual. 

After breakfast I headed to one of the swap shop areas hoping to find the 1" X 6" I needed to expand the mounting area for the DC to DC converter. I didn't find a 1" X 6", but a piece of 1" X 4" long enough to do the job was sitting on top of a box of firewood. I grabbed it & asked the owner how much. She smiled and said take it! 

Back at the trailer I put together the center struts for the portable solar panel frame. The hardest part of the job was getting up off the ground 15 times or so to cut & glue the 3/4" "T"s into the frame. My 77 year old knees complained a lot! I may still shorten the overall width of the frame to provide a bit more support for the outside edges, but the top to bottom curvature of the previous frame is gone, and there are no longer shadows from the strings on the panels.

After that I took a break and sat in the sun reading. Up to 84% on Written In My Own Heart's Blood; I might even finish it tonight. I'm still enjoying the series.

Dinner was a beef Bubba Burger & rice, along with a bit more of the mixed fruit bowl.

Until Tomorrow - 

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