Monday, December 6, 2021

2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest, Day 47

 Monday, December 6, 2021, Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, AZ - 76.8 Miles, 3,591.5 Miles for the Trip

Site 39

Another late start since I only need to go around 75 miles. I called the Apple Store in Chandler, which was on the way, but they didn't have any iPhone 13 Pros. They suggested trying the Apple Store in Gilbert, but since that was west of the campground, I decided to wait until I got there to call.

I arrived around 12:30, and since my site was empty, I headed for it early. Site 39 is a dry pull through on asphalt. Sloped both side to side (1 1/2") & front to back (lowered 3 1/2". The picnic table is next to the door and on fine gravel. There is a shortcut to the bathrooms, or a bit longer walk along the campground roads. $20.00 per night plus a $5.00 reservation fee. I'm here for three nights. 

After setting up I called the Gilbert Apple Store & they had the phone I was looking for, so off I went on a 18 mile drive on US 60 & the 202. Traffic wasn't too bad, but I'll be glad to get away from 8 lane highways. I did the transfer at the store, and one of the Genius bar folks talked me through installing the digital SIM, my first. The phone is up & running. When Apple does a transfer, it is pretty thorough. I had the previous total towing mileage in the calculator app on the old iPhone 10, and when I opened it on the new phone, the mileage was still there!

Back at the trailer i took a few photos, then read for a bit. The site photo is with the new iPhone 13 Pro.

I set up the hummingbird feeder; slower hummingbirds than those at Gilbert Ray - it took almost a half hour before the first appeared.

Dinner was a Barber Chicken Cordon Bleu, Southwestern Mixed Vegetables, and a salad.

Until Tomorrow -

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