Sunday, June 10, 2012

Capitol Reef National Park, UT

Pectol's Pyramid

Saturday, June 9 - Capitol Reef National Park, UT - 99.9 Miles Today, 5688.3 For the Trip

Some of today's mileage was within Capitol Reef - it is only about 70 miles from Goblin Valley State Park. While I had thought about staying another day at Goblin Valley, the amount of sand the wind blew around was too much for me. It was in my eyes, nose, teeth, etc as well as coating every part of both the trailer & the RAV4. While the fan in the trailer does a fairly good job of keeping the temperature inside equal to the outside temperature, to do that you have to keep the windows open. The screens are no match for the fine dust! Finally found a reason for the AC even when it isn't too hot - you can keep the trailer closed up & still run the AC.

Anyway, I left around 8:30 heading down UT 24, a very picturesque road. Maybe picturesque isn't quite the right word - it is difficult to capture the beauty of the scenery in a photo. In any case, a great drive. I decided to try for a stay in the park campground - I'm in site B27. Again, no hookups, but less wind & dust, lots of shade, and you can't beat the price - $5.00 with my senior pass.

I took some photos of the Gifford Homestead, some not yet ripe fruit in the trees in the Fruita Historic District, then hiked up to a viewpoint for Hickman Bridge & Pectol's Pyramid. As usual, more photos at today's LakeshoreImages Page.

After that it was back to the campground for a Bubba Burger & left over rice. I found the best way to warm up left over rice (without a microwave) is to use my vegtable steamer. A bit difficult to clean, but it doesn't burn it or dry it out.

Depending on the cloud cover & color, I may go back for another couple photos of Pectol's Pyramid around sunset.

I put together a rough schedule for the next two weeks - probably won't follow it, but it is a month until the first day of my reservation in Oregon, I have many places I still want to visit, so a little planning is in order.

I won't be able to post tonight - there is no cell service (AT&T or Verizon) here in the campground, or anywhere near by.

6/10/12 - I reached Bryce & found a good Verizon connection, so I finally get to post yesterday's page.

Till Next Time

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