Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fernley, NV

Site 2, Fernley RV Park, NV

Thursday, June 21 - Fernley, NV -283 Miles Today, 8,000.0 For the Trip

Another "not so exciting" day of cruising west on I 80. Parts of the concrete sections of the road between Elko & Frenley are bad enough that I'm surprised that all my fillings are still in place. I'm glad to be off the interstate & back on secondary roads. Tomorrow I'm heading to Lee Vining, CA to spend a day or two at Mono Lake so there may even be some interesting photographs. There certainly aren't today - all I have is a photo of the car & trailer in site 2 at the Fernley RV Park, a concrete, treeless (well, shadeless, there are a few small trees) oasis. They did have inexpensive washing machines & driers which I definitely needed.

I'm not sure what dinner will be - I found a Chinese restaurant & I'm a sucker for them!

Till Tomorrow -

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