Friday, June 29, 2012

Joseph H. Stewart Campground & Crater Lake National Park, OR

Crater Lake National Park, OR

Friday, June 29, Joseph H. Stewart State Campground, OR -154 Miles Today, 9,173.5 For the Trip

The mileage for today is a little deceptive - it was only 41 miles to tonight's campground, but after setting up the trailer I drove to Crater Lake National Park & did as much of the Rim Drive as was open. The last time I was here was during a 2004 trip - it was a month earlier, far more snow, and the Rim Drive wasn't open past Discovery Point. This time I got as far as the boat docks, but the East Rim Drive was still closed.

It is a very pretty location with different views from every stop along the drive. I shot a couple of panoramas, but with the slow Verizon connection here at the campground I'll wait before adding them to the page. I included a photo of one of the buildings at the Rim Village Visitor Center. I don't believe the ladder is a fire escape, but the way in before the snow melts. They get an average of 44' (yes, feet) of snow per year. Makes our 200" at Oswego look pretty anemic!

I also stopped at the Mill Creek Falls viewpoint & a gorge along the Rogue River. Although I could be wrong, I believe the river supplies the water for the Lost Creek Lake, the lake the Joseph H. Stewart Campground is on. I'm in site A8, and, since, as usual, I'll early for hitting Bullards Beach on the 10th, I've decided to stay for at least a couple of days. I'm booked until July 2nd. It is my kind of campground. Water, 30 amp Electric & free showers for $20.00 per night, and although the campground map makes it look crowded, each site has lots of space. My site is 78' long with a large field in back & on both sides. Oh, and it is level! Highly recommended!

By the way, it rained last night. I'd have to go through all my posts to be sure, but I think it is the first rain of the trip. I should have jumped out in a bathing suit & cleaned the bugs off the trailer, but I didn't. Today was cloudy - good for photographing the river & falls, but not quite as much color on Crater Lake as a clear blue sky provides. Still, it sure is blue, and the few times the clouds parted enough to let the sky show through it was even bluer! More photos at today's LakeshoreImages Page.

Dinner is going to be Rice Pilaf & a couple of Beer Brats. Not sure what the vegetable will be...

Until Next Time!

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  1. Another great set of photo's...and thanks for your lesson on water falls...I do have 3 Neutral Density filters.....guess I need to figure it out..haha...and I will look at my Grocery store for Bubba Burgers..ha....your Journey is one GREAT adventure....a nice veggie I like , with most everything is asparagus..with butter and maybe a hint of garlic...Happy Trails...Horst