Friday, June 8, 2012

Goblin Valley State Park, UT

Thursday, June 7 - Dead Horse State Park, UT - Day 2 - 119.7 Miles Today, 5588.4 For the Trip

I did manage to get a couple of night time images, some from the point and the rest from the campground. Neither was dark enough for showing the milky way, but at the campground I did manage to include a couple of shooting stars (I have to call them that because I can never remember the official differences between Meteors, Meteoroids, and Meteorites.) Photos at LakeshoreImages.

I arrived at Goblin Valley State Park around 10:15AM and all that was left were a couple of tent sites. The ranger at the entrance sent me to look at them - since each tent site has two parking spaces, it might be possible to put the trailer in one & the RAV4 in the other. Very tight, but it would work, so I headed back to the office to make the reservation. When I got there the spirit of my late wife must have been looking over me. When ever we traveled, if Carol was in the car there was always, if necessary, a parking space. The ranger told me I was in luck - someone had left early while I was driving through the campground and a standard RV site (Site 24) was available for the night! Like all the sites at Goblin Valley it is a dry site, but at least there is room for both the trailer and the RAV4.

I drove to the "Valley" (about 1 mile from the campground) and made a panorama. The lighting is too harsh this time of day for good images, but it will show you what the place looks like - unreal. I hope to shoot more later in the afternoon & tonight. By the way, the wind is very strong; I had to fold up my awning and the fine dust is blowing everywhere.  Not a good place to change lenses!

The Verizon internet is very slow so I'm not sure I'll be able to post more images until a better connection, but the small version of the panorama is today's photo.

Until Later or Tomorrow!

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