Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mesa Arch & Hummingbirds

Mesa Arch at Dawn, Canyonlands National Park
I managed to wake up 3 minutes before my iPhone alarm went off (at 4:27AM) and quickly dressed & headed to Mesa Arch. Unlike last year, I was the first one there, although a couple showed up within 5 minutes of my arrival. I set up where I wanted to, feeling a bit guilty since I was in the middle of the arch, but it was the only way to get both the arch & the towering formations in the valley beyond. I felt even more guilty when a group showed up later in the morning & complained about my location, but since i had to choose second place last year I stuck to my location.

Actually, as soon as I got the shot I wanted, I moved out of the way to let others in. I moved to a bunch of different locations - this year there were far fewer photographers so there was room for all of us to get the shots we wanted. I have to be honest - the images with the -Edit in the ID were Photoshopped to remove or at least cut down flare. Shooting into the sun with the Nikkor 24-70 lens is tough. Since I don't get the chance to shoot this location I took a bunch of images - more on today's LakeshoreImages Page.

After getting back to the campsite around 8:00 I decided to get another couple of hours of sleep, then made a bacon & eggs brunch. I noticed a couple of hummingbirds while cooking & set up my feeder, hoping to get a couple of photos. I did get a couple of interesting ones of a pair fighting over the feeder:

So, I'm relaxing for the rest of the afternoon. The sky looks clearer than yesterday so the plan is to head out to the point at dusk & try for some photos of the stars. Actually, I could probably do some right here at the campsite, depending on the other campers. While there are streetlights all over the campground, they are not turned on. Fairly dark skies with the exception of the bathroom, and, in the distance, a drill tower that has very bright white lighting.

Until Tomorrow unless I add some star photos later tonight!

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  1. Jon,
    Very good photo of the iconic Mesa Arch. Looks just like what is on my desktop, courtesy of Windows 7. Also amazed by the hummingbird photo.