Thursday, June 28, 2012

McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, CA

Burney Falls, CA

Wednesday, June 27 - McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, CA - 61.5 Miles Today, 8,847.9 For the Trip

Today was a short drive. I did make one stop to photograph a snow covered peak & the stream below it. Too bad the road is part of the image, but that's the way it goes. It did get cold last night - down to 33°F. Got a bit of a scare when I fired up the furnace at 2:00AM - it wouldn't start. I had run out of propane since the last time I ran it & it took a couple of tries to get going. As far as battery power, after running the furnace set at 60°F & it cycling off & on, I still was at 85% at 6:00AM & the solar system had me back to 100% by 7:30AM.

After leaving the park I stopped at a gas station in Burney to fill the tank & to post yesterday's page. I forgot to post the Jon's Journeys page at Blogspot, so I'll have to do two pages tomorrow.

I stopped at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park since it is my second favorite waterfall. My favorite is Chittenango State Park in NY, but this is a very close second. The biggest problem with Burney Falls is the lighting. It is difficult to find a time of day that the shadows are light enough to work with the highlights of the water. Since there was an open site for the night I decided to stay in the park. There were still last night's campers in the site so I drove to the end of the park road & Lake Britton while waiting.

The campsite is about the tightest I've been in, both this & last year's trip. With the trailer bumper against a tree there is only a couple of feet ahead of the trailer tongue, and barely enough room to park the RAV4 next to it. I'm glad there wasn't any traffic on the road in front of the site because I had to block it to unhook the trailer, and with the weight distribution hitch, that takes time.

The price went up $5.00 from last year, making it $35.00 for a no hook up site (and a $.50 / 5 minutes charge for showers). It is less expensive to stay in most full hookup sites! Still, it is a very pretty park. I did have to spend 10 minutes picking up the previous camper's trash - cups, wrappers, band-aids, etc. In any case, I'm settled in. I may drive to a near by town to get something for dinner - while the spaghetti last night worked out OK, I'm not ready to use the rest of the jar of sauce to make more tonight.

I found a Safeway in Burney & they had salmon on sale so dinner was grilled corn on the cob & a very nice grilled salmon fillet. Morning will be interesting - the tree above my RAV4 has dripped a shower of sap across the windshield. The Windex Wipes take it off with lots of scrubbing, but it is a mess!

There is no Verizon here at the park, at least in the campground so this won't get posted until tomorrow.

Since I'm posting this on Thursday because there was no cell coverage at the park, I'll say till later rather than till tomorrow!

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