Monday, June 11, 2012

Kodachrome Basin State Park, UT

Shakespeare Arch, Kodachrome Basin State Park, UT

Monday, June 11 - Kodachrome Basin State Park - 29.1 Miles Today, 5852.0 For the Trip

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A short drive to Kodachrome Basin State Park. I'm in the campground host site next to the entrance building. It was the only site left with electricity, and while I might not need it, having dropped about 2000', last night at Bryce it his 34°F and I was glad I had the electric heater (and I did plug in the electric blanket!). The gas furnace works fine at keeping the trailer warm, even at 20°F, but it is noisy.

After setting up the trailer I drove out to Chimney Rock and Shakespeare Arch. I've been to the rock before, but not the arch. I love the photo they have of the arch on the sign at the parking area, but I sure don't know where they took it from. Well, actually I can figure it out, but it is from an area you are not allowed to walk in. In any case I got a few photos with blue skies rather than mountains behind it. I also took a few tree photos. If you look close, you can find the moon over the branches on one of them.

Photos at today's LakeshoreImages Page.

After going back to the trailer I decided to find a grocery store to buy some bottles of iced tea & something for dinner. I stopped at the Mossy Cave & Waterfall on UT 12, part of Bryce Canyon National Park & added some photos. Since there is no cell coverage at Kodachrome Basin State Park I stopped by Ruby's where there is a strong Verizon signal to post this page. If I shoot more photos (and I plan to) I'll have to wait until tomorrow to add them.

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