Monday, June 18, 2012

Fillmore, UT

Kolab Section of Zion National Park Under Poor Lighting

Monday, June 8 - Wagons West RV Park, Fillmore, UT - 161.9 Miles Today, 6,665.2 For the Trip

I didn't make it all the way to Salt Lake City - While it would have been possible to get there around 4:30 or so, that was too close to rush hour for me. I'm in site 10 at the Wagons West RV Park in Fillmore, UT.

I called Forster's Camera Service, the people who cleaned my sensor last year & they told me they could do the job in a couple of hours. There is an RV repair place in the same general area so I'm also going to try to get the refrigerator electric fixed. It would be nice to get both done in a day, but it may take longer...

I stopped at the Kolab section of Zion National Park on my way up I 15. Looks like it would make great photographs in late afternoon; unfortunately, I was there in the morning, shooting into the sun and the quality of the images shows it. I guess I'll have to plan on shooting it on another trip.

Since Forster's wants me to take the battery out of the camera overnight, that is it for photos, not that there is too much else here worth shooting.

I do have a word of advise - If you like to nibble shortbread cookies here in 90°F temperatures, be sure to read the fine print on the package. If it says Caramel Striped that means after a couple of hours rather than individual cookies, you have a glued together stack of a row of six. There are two ways to eat them - while hot, peal one from the stack, covering your fingers with warm caramel, or, wait for them to cool, at which time it takes a chisel and hammer to separate one. Of course you could just eat the entire stack as one cookie, but it would be tough to get your mouth around it!

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