Friday, July 8, 2011

Lake Louise, AB

Today's Photo - Lake Louise, AB in the Rain & Fog

For the first time in quite a while, I don't have an internet connection. I'll drive into the village later to see if I can find a WiFi connection. I'm at the campground at Lake Louise, currently in site 50. I had to move from Site J2, a tent site. Although with quite a bit of manoeuvering I did manage to get the trailer into the site, there was no room for the RAV4. On top of that, it was very shaded & no electric so my solar won't do much charging, and it is cold enough that I would be running the furnace quite a bit - a trip back to the campground office got me moved to an electric site big enough for both the trailer & the car. They have an interesting way of dealing with bears in the tenting area - the entire area is surrounded with an electric fence. They still expect you to bear proof your site, but I suspect the fence discourages the wildlife. The campground is huge with 189 RV sites & at least that many tent sites. Although it is well forested, the highway runs along side the RV sites, as well as a railroad track that supports horn blowing engines as they go by!

I came to Lake Louise to see the mountains & get a photo of the lake. I can only see the bottom of the mountains, and the lake photos are less than spectacular. It is raining, foggy, cold, etc. It was 43°F at Moraine Lake and as I type this it is down to 48°F at the campground at 4:55PM. Like I mentioned earlier, I expect to run the furnace!

Anyway, I'll post a couple of photos from the day, but I sure hope it clears up tomorrow. I have the site for two days, hoping things get better.

Till the Next Internet Connection!

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