Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fairmont Hot Springs, BC

Today's Photo - A Sunfish on Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, MT

Last night I went back to the boat dock at Lake McDonald for one last try at capturing a photo that I liked as much as the one I use on my card. No such luck, but I did get a couple of useful images. At first, the sunfish sailboat was annoying, however as the lake calmed down the reflections of its sail got interesting. I also experimented with a ND filter to create long exposures to smooth out the ripples. You can check out some samples at today's photos at Lakeshore Images 2011 Trip Journal.

I crossed the border on US 93 at Roosville with a very short wait & without any problems. It has been interesting trying to explain to the Canadian customs agents why I would drive all the way from New York to British Columbia to buy a travel trailer - apparently they don't know that the best fiberglass trailer is made in Canada!

I switched the GPS to kilometers to make it easier to keep within the speed limits, but the odometer on the RAV4 is staying at miles so I can keep track without getting confused. I stopped for the night at Fairmont Hot Springs, the Spruce Grove Resort, Site 74, did laundry, and will take a real shower tonight. I may even wander over to the hot spring fed pool for a swim later on.

For some reason the WiFi Ranger picked up a local, open WiFi source. Not sure where it is coming from - the RV office said I would have to go to the lobby of the hotel to make a connection (hardly what I would call "internet available" in AAA's description of the campground). In any case, I'll post this while connected.

Until the next internet capable location!

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