Monday, July 4, 2011

Glacier National Park, Day 3

Today's Photo - Wild Goose Island, Lake Sherburne, Glacier National Park, MT

Sitting in the shade isn't doing my solar recharging system much good. Up till now, I've been able to do just about anything (other than run the AC) & the solar system would recharge the batteries to 100% by the end of the next day. Here at Apgar that isn't happening. After a full day, mostly away & with nothing on, I'm only back to 85%. The computer is the biggest hit - it draws 8-9 amps on the 12 volt system. So, I'm sitting in the RAV4 editing & posting today's journal.

I got up a little after 6:00AM to try for a morning photo of Lake McDonald. The lake was flat, giving a great reflection of the clouds & mountains, however the position of the sun was bad. Oh, well, I'll keep trying!

Anyway, today I drove to East Glacier. Unfortunately, it wasn't on the Going to the Sun road since it hasn't opened yet. I did drive as far as possible on both sides, but that is only about 14 miles on the East side of the park. I did take a photo of the road from US 2 (at least I'm pretty sure it is the road - all you can see is the cut in the mountainside). I also stopped at 2 Sisters near Babb, MT for lunch & a new "T" shirt. I did have lunch, but they haven't changed the shirt design since my last stop in 1998 so I didn't buy a new one. The place has a new coat of paint, but looks pretty much the same as it did the last time.

As usual, if you want more photos, check today's post at Lakeshore Images.

After lunch I drove into the Many Glacier part of the park, and after that took US 89 & US 2 back to West Glacier & the campground.

One difference I've noticed between this trip & the ones we took 10 years ago - there is much more haze in the skies. Not sure why - the forest fires have been to the east of where I've been shooting so I don't think they are to blame...

I'll probably add a day & stay here tomorrow - It's Karin's birthday & I hope to be able to connect to her on Skype. The campground has a good Verizon signal (my data connection) but a poor AT&T (my phone).

Till Tomorrow!

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