Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glenwood Springs, CO

Today's Photo - Actually, from yesterday; all I have from today is a campsite photo.  Anyhow, its The Lower Copeland Falls in the Wild Basin section of Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

I'm at the Glenwood Canyon Resort, another one of the campgrounds that calls itself a resort meaning they charge more & do things like put the sewer connection so far from the trailer's outlet that you need two or even three hoses to get to it. It doesn't really matter since I generally don't hook up to the sewer connection anyway, but I have no idea why they put them where they did. At least I have a picnic table. Most "Resorts" don't supply one. It is a pretty location overlooking the Colorado River at the western end of Glenwood Canyon, although the campsite doesn't. Their new "No Name Bar & Grill" building is right next to the campsite - we'll see how that works out over a Friday night!

For those interested, they have a climbing wall, rafting, and a ride on a cable over the river.

The plan is to do little or nothing today & head for Hanging Lake, about 2 miles from the campground, tomorrow. I did go into Glenwood Springs for gas, and checked out the Hot Springs - Anne Guido thought I should do the Springs, but I guess I'm too lazy. It looked very crowded, no parking spaces, and expensive. Just excuses, but I passed it up.

Until Tomorrow!

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