Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park

Today's Photo - Logan Pass Visitor Center, Opening Day of the Going to the Sun Road

Last night one of the clouds over the mountains south of the campground took on a wonderful glow.

Although the road was suppose to open at noon, I decided to start at 11:00 & stop at Rising Sun for coffee. I kept going after filling my cup & the road was already open. parts are redone & wider than in the past, but there is still lots of work to do. There are construction crews working on much of the road, particularly at the higher elevations. Many parts are gravel, many sections one lane. The longest wait I had was 45 minutes on the way west; coming back it was only about 10 minutes. Although busier than the past times I've been on the road, it wasn't too bad. The biggest problem was many of the pull offs (or turn outs) were filled with construction equipment. The waterfalls are running beautifully, but most of my photographs of them were shot through the windshield as I drove by. I'll stick a bunch of Glacier National Park images on it's own page, but here are a few from today:

I decided since it was late & I didn't really have anything ready to cook for dinner that this would be a night at a restaurant. The Cafe in St Mary had an hour wait so I drove 5 miles up US89 to the Two Sisters. Had a very tough Chicken Fried Steak, however excellent broccoli & french fries made up for it. A thunderstorm came & went while I was eating. It's very cloudy, and looks like more rain - I'm settling in for the night. 

Tomorrow it's on the move again - I'm heading to Great Falls to try for an oil change on the RAV4. The next planned stop is Devil's Tower, WY

Until Tomorrow!

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