Monday, July 18, 2011

Cheyenne, WY

Today's Photo  - A Stormy Sunset at Devils Tower, WY

I didn't get any star or sunrise photos of Devils Tower - the clouds were too heavy. The sunset did some interesting lighting over the campground - a little of the effect showed around the tower.

Another long day of driving. I decided to stop at Cheyenne rather than drive all the way to Rocky Mountain National Park in one shot. I'm at the A. B. Camping RV Park, Site M2. It is only a little over an hour to the park from here so I'll have plenty of time to get there tomorrow.

I'm going to have more trouble identifying the location of my photos from now on. I have been using a GPS that attaches to the camera that records the location of each picture. It is helpful when trying to figure out where you took the photo years afterwards. I have 2 of them - the first one I purchased was an EasyTag. It started to refuse to lock on to the satellites on a trip south, so I sent it back to China to be repaired (under warrantee, although the shipping was fairly expensive). Anyway, since I wasn't sure it would be back before this trip I purchased a Solmeta GPS as a replacement. It is interesting - they both have the same instructions, are the same size & shape, but have the ports, buttons & camera mount in different locations. The Easytag came back just before I left so I brought both with me. The Easytag went back to taking 1/2 an hour to lock onto the satellites, then even after locking, would not send the information to the camera. The Solmeta locked on fast, had a few problems when connected to the camera (when connected, the camera LCD screen would not stay on) but for some reason if fixed itself  and worked for most of the trip. Unfortunately, I stuffed the camera back into the camera bag too many times for the connection between it & the camera cord to survive. I pulled the case & the connector has lifted off the circuit board. The connections are far too small for me to resolder them so I'm without a GPS for the rest of the trip.

I passed what looked like a brush or forest fire along US 85 on the way. Also went through Lost Spring, WY a town of 4 that has a large sign welcoming everyone to the town.

I did manage to do some real grocery shopping at a Safeway here in Cheyenne. Had a hamburger, corn on the cob, and rice for dinner. It has cooled off quite a bit compared to Devils Tower - it is 7:15PM & it's down to 83°F with a nice breeze.

Until tomorrow!

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