Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rockwood Park Campground, St John, NB

West Quoddy Lighthouse, ME

Day 8 - Rockwood Park Campground, St John, NB 138.7 miles, 953.6 For the Trip

The first stop today was just across the street from the campground. Saw a sign pointing to the West Quoddy Lighthouse so I had to go to take a couple of photos. An interesting drive - they were doing some construction and completely blocked one lane as well as half of the other. They had to lift the outriggers on the backhoe doing the work so I could get by, and even then it was a tight fit. I felt a little guilty coming back only 15 minutes later. The visitor center at the lighthouse was closed so I didn't get to find out much about it, but it has a great view of some off shore rocks.

Just before reaching Calais I saw a sign for a National Parks site, the St Croix Island International Historic Site. Another visitor center closed for the day, but the walk through the site had plenty of signs explaining the location, as well as a number of bronze statues depicting the history of the site. The even had a waterfall! It was interesting to see a site settled in 1604, well before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. I knew that Florida was settled well before Plymouth, but didn't know about this site.

I crossed into Canada at Calais, ME. No problems, in fact the only questions were about weapons, the last time I was in Canada, and when I was coming back. Every time I've crossed the border the questions are different & what they seem to allow changes. In any case, I'm now in Canada. Both my AT&T phone & my Verizon iPad signal "no service" which is good since I turned off both roaming & data on both. I rechecked the price of unplanned data connections through AT&T - quite a bit more than Verizon at $16.05 per MB. At that rate today's page would cost around $32.00 to post!

The rest of today's photos will be at the Lakeshore Images page assuming the I can post it. For some reason I have no problem with Blogger, but can't connect with my site at 1&1. Well, I tried connecting through my local WiFi Ranger router using my own WiFi network, tied to the Rockwood network through the router & it works.  Strange, usually it makes a faster & better connection directly between the Mac & the campground.  Oh well, it worked...

Once across the border I stopped to pick up some vegetables, and even though the store was a large chain, the prices were quite a bit more than in the states. Evidently, Route 1 has been rebuilt since my GPS's map - Both the Garmin & my paper AAA map showed most of the route as 2 lanes, however it was all 4 lanes & 110KPH road, at least until it hit the city of St John. While the campsite has water & electric, it is only 20 amps, and a very well worn receptacle at that. Since I don't need the AC, there shouldn't be a problem.

Dinner tonight will be a steak picked up at 30% off (Still close to $8.00) and a salad.

Till next time.

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