Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alexander Graham Bell's Silver Dart

Day 18, June 28 - Alexander Graham Bell & Highland Village Museums, NS - 0 miles, 1696.3 For the Trip

Another day of rain. We decided to do some museums since sightseeing is limited by both fog and rain. After breakfast in the trailer Don drove to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in Baddeck, NS. While it was interesting to see the process he went through to invent the telephone, I had never realized his work with both aviation & hydrofoil boating. The museum has many exhibits of his inventions as well as full scale models of his "Silver Dart", which made the first controlled power flight in Canada & the British Empire, and his HD-4 Hydrofoil based boat that set a world speed record. A very worthwhile visit.

After the Bell Museum we headed to Iona to see the Bras d'Or Lake (including a short ride on a cable driven ferry) and the Highland Village Museum. The museum consists of 11 period buildings that trace the history of Gaelic Nova Scotia from the early Scottish settlers to life in the 1920's. Each building is an example of the building and living environment over two centuries. Lots of photos:

Lots of photos of both places at today's Lakeshore Images page.

It rained most of the time we were in the Highland Village, but the buildings were close together so we spent most of the time inside. On the way home we decided we didn't want to cook out in the rain so we picked up some chicken at the "Lick-A-Chick" chicken take out. Strange name, somewhat like KFC chicken in the US, but saltier & greasier. Still, better than cooking in the rain!

I stayed in the trailer putting today's page together while Don & Anne went to do laundry. I'll do mine tomorrow.

Till then -

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